Dress: Vintage. Boots: LF (also sold on Solestruck). Chunky winter headband: Etsy here

If there’s one thing I love to wear now for Autumn, it’s velvet. This off shoulder taupe maxi had my name all over it. I’ll wear it when it’s colder over thick tights and a skinny black polo neck. Stupid high platforms optional till I concede to something less vertical.
I can’t do the headband thing but this chunky version sent from my girlfriend works and makes a change from brimmed hats. (Was this post really the last time that I wore a headband here??). Either way I loved hers so much, she sent me this one in charcoal.


  1. Skyler says:

    loooooove velvet

  2. bravegrrl says:

    that dress is gorgeous!

  3. Katie says:

    last photo is rad. awesome shoes – in your face!

  4. Antonia says:

    I am big on textures, but velvet isn’t generally one of them. However, you ROCK it and make this tricky textile look gorg! Love the second last pic – so fierce!

    x Antonia

  5. Wild Flower says:

    Whoa girl these photographs are really beautiful, the boots are amazing on you….not to mention that dress, what a score, fits you like a glove!

  6. Michelle Elaine says:

    going to etsy now to check out that knit turband!


  7. The Dandizette says:

    I lovev the luxury of the whole outfit, the colours the textures, you look like a modern day flapper almost (Big compliment – i love that era!)


  8. She Wears, She Shares says:

    Kept scrolling, scrolling down to see where that velvety soft dress came from..and cross my fingers in hopes it wasn’t vintage, but of course! Bummer

  9. fashion clocked says:

    love how sumptous the velvet is and the off the shoulder detailing looks great…. what an amazing shade against your skin too? stunning photos.Katie.xx

    fashion clocked

  10. Loobs says:

    Hey Karen – maybe this one should be for Michael – but how do achieve that glow from the light behind you – from the window…it looks dreamy! Is it exposure on the camera or is it done in editing the photo after?


    Loobs xxx

  11. Morgaine says:


  12. moded'amour says:

    gorgeous dress!!

  13. Sia says:

    This outfit is to die for. Loving it big time!! Can you please tell me what system you made your header on? Was is photoshop or gimp? I would be grateful for a reply, thank you. xx

  14. rainbows & fairydust says:

    amazing dress! gorgeous photo shoot! love the edit xx


    You look gorgeous! Love the shoes…great post and pics!

  16. BRUUN by BRUUN says:

    You rock those pictures ! Love the vintage dress – just designed one in velour for myself, in dark burgundy – am thinking of JFs LITAS to go with it 🙂 That would be one merry Christmas !


  17. Shamini says:

    the third and fourth photos are real beautiful!
    loving them so much!
    and those shoes, sexy!