asos future stylist 2011?

Reversible dress: Asos. Heels: Bebe. Clutch: Random NY shop. Jacket: Silence & Noise. Necklace: Vintage. Rings: T&V/Random NY shop/Gift
Can you help me win the ASOS Future Stylist competition? The brief for Round 1: Steal the show at a party.

The winning blogger is the one with the most likes on the ASOS Facebook. NOTE: You MUST ‘like’ the ASOS home page FIRST in order to be able to ‘like’ me (hope that makes sense). I am currently in 3rd place :-/
Voting ends December 15. Thank you! – K xoxo


  1. The Queen of Hearts says:

    I have to give your may-jor props for having the cojones to go out, in what appears to be freezing cold temps, in that dress! Don’t forget to moisturize that beautiful skin! <3 The last image is fantastic. Good luck in the contest!

  2. Diana says:

    WOW! That is SOME dress chica! 😉 Heading over to FB now to show some love!

  3. socialitedreams says:

    you look brilliant! what a body and those LEGS…this dress was MADE for you

  4. oOgiewOogie says:

    Gorgeous KAREN~!! <3<3<3

  5. Raquel says:


  6. Ife' says:

    You betta WORK that dress! You look fabulous.. and thanks for making me feel better about choosing basic black pumps over cobalt blue booties. After reading your post yesterday, I wanted to kick myself, but now I feel much better 🙂

  7. Steph says:

    This dress is so hot! I love it. This is probably one of my fav post of yours! Work it chica.

  8. Sing says:

    Wow stunning you are in this! Head turner, crowd stopper and all of that.

  9. Indigene-Theresa says:

    The look is Amazzzzzing! Just so you know I tried to go to FB and “Like” your look and could not. You may want to check that out or just tell me that I don’t know how to do it…:) Anyhow, just wanted to let you know in case there were other folks trying to vote for you! You rock!

  10. Soul Pretty says:

    O.K…now your just showing off…smile. …and I love it…I could probably give up ice cream to look that good in a dress.