last chance

Jumper: Forever21. Shorts: Levis. Cardigan: Thrift. Boots: Jeffrey Campbell (courtesy of Solestruck . I went for a neutral colour to these blues). Scarf shawl: H&M. Shades: Ray Ban. Bag: Foley & Corinna vintage.

Last week Saturday was warm by New York standards. Well not warm per se but enough to wear a jacket and your out the door. For goodness sakes, I saw kids with skate boards in jeans and a Tshirt. That’s pushing it a bit if you ask me, but you get the point.
“Ta dar” (arms outstretched). Shot a small vid.
ps. You lot are so fast with the earring giveaway. I’m contacting the winner shortly.


  1. Dominique says:

    I have been begging and pleading for them to send me a pair with no luck. Not even Jeffery Campbell would help me and send me a pair of the LITAs. I seriously want a pair sooo badly but I truly cannot afford them. Lucky you.

  2. Camilla. says:

    They gave you a free pair of Lita’s?
    That’s the best christmas present ever, ahah

  3. THE-LOUDMOUTH says:

    oh my gosh, those boots are to die for. props on being able to walk in such chunky heels!

  4. Ang says:

    love the outfit and the litas, im waiting for them to get the grey ones back in stock <3 my fav. love your blog its my daily read!!
    xx Ang

  5. Katie says:

    that cardigan looks comfy. nice thrift!

  6. Maggie ☮ says:

    the tights are my favorite 🙂

  7. 1337 says:

    Amazing look for you!

  8. Abbie says:

    You look awesome! I need that bag..

  9. Dylana Suarez says:

    Beautiful sweater!


  10. Marissa says:

    they didn’t restock them in my size :(, but the outfit looks lovely!


  11. Vi-bluehoney says:

    I fell in love with this cardigan! Looks amazing!!

  12. Ria says:

    Loving the 4th pic.

  13. Eden says:

    I’m abs in love with your outfit!

  14. Just a lazy morning says:

    The outfit looks soo cute, i love shorts tights combo and what can i say about Lita shoes?
    so great !!

  15. CHESCA says:

    Love how you’ve styled the Litas here! Amazing bag and scarf.
    Cute video!


  16. Basilia says:

    I think you win for the prize for the person with the most LITAS. haha

    They look so good with your outfit. Love the dark tan version. they’re sweeeeet!

    xoxo from me down under!

    Baz from

    Happy Holidays!

  17. czytaj z ust says:

    Really nice look! I’ve got the same tights 😉

  18. Jennifer says:

    I love this outfit!! The scarf, purse, and litas are ah-mazing!!

  19. playwithfashion says:

    Your shoes rock!!! Love the whole outfit, but I’m in love with your shoes.

  20. Melle says:

    Your cardigan and your shoes are very nice. I love the outfit.

  21. purse n boots says:

    ill take the bag please!!!! fringetastic delight! you never dissapoint! and cant believe shorts are possible in NYC this time of year…..crazy I tell you!

    ashley <3

  22. Laura says:

    You look stunning, love the scarf and the shoes!


  23. Emma at Daily Clothes Fix says:

    Love the video – it’s so cool seeing your clothes move as they always have so much fluidity. Love the bag and winter shorts are definitely my new thing. Love your take on them with the ribbed tights.

  24. foreverpetite says:

    Oehh nice outfit, i like your cardigan!