too late

Dress: ASOS. Shoes: Jessica Simpson. Clutch: Random NY shop on 34th st. Gold pendant: Vintage. Rings: Gift, YSL, Fashionology
Thought I’d show you the dress I almost used for the ASOS Round 1 Stylist comp (Round 2 is coming up soon. Votes are still being taken for Round 1 here. I think you have to ‘like’ the ASOS facebook page first).
The giant sleeves. The floor skim length. The blanket-like material. Love. Love. Love…


  1. Style_Pursuit says:

    It’s just perfect in every detail!


  2. TiKeDi says:

    Love the dress, either choice would of been great.

  3. estefanny says:

    while you look spectacular in this dress, i am really glad you chose the other dress, because it looked so classy and i thought it was awesome!

  4. Mandy says:

    amazing ! 😀

  5. Dree says:

    Maybe you should use this dress for round 2… completely represents your personal style- long, flowing and oh-so-seventies! can’t wait until the next round!

    Dree xx

  6. Sia says:

    WOW!! what a fantastic dress. You look lovely in it. Thanks for sharing, love Sia xx

  7. Amalie S. D. says:

    Thats a lovely dress! looks great on u. xxx

  8. Monroe Steele says:

    Wow Karen this dress is AMAZING! I really love how you styles it with the pumps and the crock clutch. I love that clutch. Lovely post and you look stunning! Love that color and the black and whites are just really beautiful! Reminds me of a shoot Tracee Ellis Ross did for Vibe Vixen

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  9. Sarah Dee says:

    wow. these pictures look like an editorial!


  10. May says:

    Amazing photos! Would you be able to post a better picture of this dress??? I would love to make something like this for myself.

  11. Shamini says:

    this dress is just real real gorgeous!!!
    loving the sleeves! and how simple and so elegant and bold it is at the same time!


  12. Jacquie says:

    ah i like this maxi! looks so elegant… and you could go out for dinner, stuff your face and people would be none the wiser… brill.

    i love how much of a contrast this is to the dress you chose finally, any particular reason you chose the white one?



  13. The Photodiarist says:

    What a FANTASTIC dress. It’s chameleonic! It goes this way and that! Awesome.

  14. Diana says:

    What a gorgeous dress!

  15. Bub says:

    oh my god wow!!!!

  16. cococollage says:

    Damn that dress looks great! Knew it. Tried getting it.
    Isn’t it sold out or is it just me?