flares, fur and a snake print

Faux fur jacket: Topshop (worn a year ago here). Sheer snake print shirt: Vintage (Beacon’s Closet). Belt: Gift from Michael (thx lovely). Flared jeans: J Brand (love these): Doll Boutique. Snake cowboy boots: Vintage. Hat: Makins. Vintage satchel: Coach (eBay or get it new here). Suede bracelet: Spare fringe/tassles wrapped around wrist.
Ok let’s do this – first post of 2011.
It’s started wearing my favourites: A brimmed hat. A long hair fur jacket and flared jeans (God knows why it took me this long to get black ones I can wear forever). Yessssss.
I’ve noticed that I hardly wear button up shirts. If I do it’ll be one I reeeeeally love. Case in point: It’s transparent and snake print??? A no brainer – as Americans say.


  1. Malena says:

    You look amazing! It’s so yours:) Love the hat and flared jeans!

  2. Sarah Dee says:

    You definitely started off with a bang! Amazing outfit as usual =)

    <3 Sarah

  3. Ashton says:

    Great first post of 2011! Fabulous! (As always!) I love fur (faux of course). The way you mixed in snake print and flares makes it more casual. Great job!

    Oh, yeah…I need to ask you something, Karen!
    You’re a REALLY good fashion stylist, so I was inspired by you to create my own blog. I don’t know exactly what to call it, that’s why I’m asking you for help. I’ve provided my email below, so if you can, please contact me.

    (I also need to ask you how to dressup a plaid button up!)

    Thanks and Happy New Year!


    Ashton D.

  4. Nita -Karoliina says:

    Thats a great blouse. You can always trust beacons closet. love the place. those flares are perfect. i am so into superwide pants and flares.

  5. Andee Layne says:

    Hot damn 🙂 You are so inspiring! xo

  6. Emma at Daily Clothes Fix says:

    Great flares and another amazing hat. I love that shot of you in the cafe.

  7. MyNameIsMiyo says:

    You’ve got to have a sheer leopard shirt moment. I just started a blog…it’s more abou other poeple than myself but that seems to be my life. I’d love it if you looked around because the likelihood of you featuring on it is huge. If you don’t mind of course.


  8. Sara C says:

    This look is sooo 60’s/70’s and I LOVE it!!


    No brainer indeed! You look divinely cool!

  10. thrifted drifter says:

    Loving the mix of blacks, browns and tans:)

  11. Glamour Bbey. says:

    The faux fur is great! Stunning outfit again

  12. styledigger says:

    Love your fur and hat!!

  13. sacramento says:

    You pull off very well this look.

  14. GUILTLE$$ Beauty says:

    my secret obsession is fur and snakeskin. loving your blog!


  15. stylecrasher says:

    love this outfit.I am practically dying for that fur coat!Also,Topshop incorporated a sheer snakeprint button down in their new collection!They are copying you 😉