Fur jacket: Vintage. Velvet/silk jacket: Seen here. Found a similar one online here. Harem jeans: H&M. Beanie & gloves: Street vendor. Boots: Jeffrey Campbell Fringe bag: Gypsy Nation
There is absolutely no way that I’m waiting till Spring to wear this velvet jacket. Come to think of it, I actually like the look of it with a skinny jumper underneath and boots. God – I could wear this every bloody day!
Michael calls the boots geisha because of the solid wood cut out wedge. I sort of see the association. Either way it’s a flash of wood when wearing darks – a bit like these Chloe Sevigs but I can walk longer in the Jeffreys.
ps. The 2 ASOS finalists who go head to head to try and win the competition are announced tomorrow…Thank you EVERYONE who voted for me. If I am chosen though, I fear being up against the biggest blogger in Norway who since day 1, gets (seemingly) millions of votes on every round and therefore wins ….God help me.


  1. Malena says:

    Love all your shoes! These ones ate amazing as well 🙂 Great outfit!

  2. Sia says:

    I can’t get over those shoes!! x

  3. Ashley says:

    Those boots are HOT, love the cutout wedge! And the fringe jacket is gorgeous, I can definitely see how it could be worn with just about anything!


  4. Catherine says:

    love the boots. you are amazing, i always looove your outfits

  5. AlinaH_RD says:

    I hope you get the support of the people who voted for the other bloggers in previous rounds.

  6. Emily says:

    love love love your shoes! amazing outfit!

  7. amalie says:

    great outfit, i love your bag and jacket! great shoes too.


    Wow! Great shoes! Good luck with the Asos competition!

  9. Kimberly says:

    WOW! Your sense of style is awesome! Sometimes a little bit crazy, but that’s just the way it’s supposed to be! 🙂 I love that you have so many photos of each outfit, and these photos are amazing! Can you please tell me who is taking these pictures?
    Greatings from Sweden!

  10. The Photodiarist says:

    This is one of my fave outfits of yours. Love the sleek look of your skinny jeans.

  11. Shakiya"StyleGasim"Green says:

    Those JCs are SMOKIIIIINNNN!! u look really cute! And I love the harem jeans! I wear them every chance i get! Lol! U make walking on snow covered streets in platforms and ART!! I love it! I on the other hand have to change into mine (bust my a$$ the other day trying!! Lol) tres chic Karen!!!

  12. Bub says:

    Karen you look absolutely stunning!!! When I saw that that purple silk jacket I fell in love! Amazing outfit!

    One Love,

  13. purse 'n boots says:

    hmmmmmm why am i not surprised that i LOVE thissss. gypster, these jeans are amazing. the h&m’s here suck so bad it’s like business separates. it’s depressing. love you long time!

    g <3