anna sui – backstage

Photography: Karen Blanchard
One of the shots I took back stage at Anna Sui (my favourite show this week).
Will post the rest soon. Right now I’m knackered and need to get some sleep!
ps. Thanks Bleach Black for the link love.


  1. the Citizen Rosebud says:

    I loved her of my favorites too. The other was Thakoon. I look forward to your pics!

  2. ♥Run With Fashion♥ says:

    Nice pic, love the eye make-up, sadly it doesn’t work for me. -.-

  3. this chick's got style says:

    Very cool, I always think backstage pics are almost just as fun to look at as the actual runway shows.

  4. SAMANTHA says:

    oh my god i just saw her collection and it is AMAZZZZZING I posted it too! i wasnt at NYFW unfortunately but from the collections ive seen posted its my favorite. cant wait to see your shots.


  5. Linka says:

    Great shot! Very pretty girl!

  6. modanista junkie says:

    She is gorgeous!! Your blog is super cute by the way! Loving your style.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Karen, I have a question about the wonderful dress in your previous post: is the fabric quite elastic? I was considering the idea of getting one for myself and they do not say anything about it on the website. 🙂 Just that it “runs true to size”, hwich sometimes means nothing, as being a UK size 18 I have garments in sizes 16 and 14. 🙂
    I like Anna Sui, I have a pair of boots by her. It’s a pity she only amkes “standard sizes”.
    Thanks a lot and good luck for the ASOS contest.

  8. Stefani says:

    Love her hair!

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