shop love – craving world trinkets

From Beads of Paradise shop on 17th street: This is two oversized necklaces: The 1st is 5 large stacked rings. 2nd necklace: Double dragon head – effing amazing

Touquoise and silver necklace. (This was displayed stacked in 3’s together and the effect was jaw dropping):
Gorge rings. Some the size of a small egg.

Incredible piece I drooled over at Wendy Nicholl in Soho:
Found this piece online (link below):
I’m reeeeally craving Moroccan, Native American, Eastern, African, Indian jewellery for next season. To be honest I’ve felt like this since last year (who can forget THIS post??) but this time the ‘pull’ is stronger. Above are some random shots I took at shops recently while wandering around.
The last pic is a necklace I found online. I’ll wear it when it warms up with anything sheer but I’ll make it work for now in the winter over thin knits. There’s more like it online at The Stellar Boutique.

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