treasure hunting

This seller is so cool. I must go back and tell her hello
Martha from Gypsy Nation showing us a sneak peak of their next leather fringe bag project. We were both slack jawed… I think I whimpered slightly
Trinket filled tables to rummage through
Martha couldn’t resist trying on Mandy’s ring (yes we are ring twins). The rest of the rings are Martha’s. How sick is her brass spine ring? soooo want this….
The vest was found the same day
Leaving the market (feeling much warmer in the jacket find)
Jacket: Artist & Flea market in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Lace dress: LF (clearance sale). Boots: Gee Wa Wa. Hat: Makins. Bag: Thrift DIY studded. Shades: Ray Ban
Took Mandy to Gypsy Nation Vintage in Brooklyn since I’d told her so much about it. Her style is beyond. I mean, look at those leggings – probably the best ones I’ve ever seen. It’s leg jewellery. What’s even more striking is the person herself. One of the nicest I have ever met.
I arrived at the market in a black fur vest and left 2 hours later in a red fur jacket which was 10x warmer. I saw it weeks ago but caved after the seller (another one at the market) FINALLY dropped the price on it that day. It’s a sign really when that happens. I know you lot have thought the same. ps. Mandy found a gorge crystal encrusted bag at the market shown here.


  1. thomessa says:

    That table of trinkets was awesome! I would love to own some of those things!

  2. ediot says:

    you both look so amazing. saving this post for when i finally one day get myself to ny so i know where to go. thanks for sharing these great shots.

  3. Wild Flower says:

    You can’t beat a succesful market day! Diggin ya pink furs, why not be warm and colourful. That ladies rings are incredible you are right about that. Peace x

  4. MaufLondon says:

    I am totally mesmerized by those leggings Amazing!

  5. Kia says:

    Awesome! I’m in love! 🙂

  6. Mcmaris says:

    IN love with the furs & all the rings & jewels!

  7. Jewellers says:

    Love the style in the images, super cute.

  8. Sassy says:

    OMG That rings are so cool!

  9. Monika says:

    I would give my right hand to live your life for a day.
    oh and I would give the other hand (the one not already given) to wear EVERYTHING and ANYTHING from your closet.

    Monika (newest follower)

  10. Mihovil says:

    amazing leggings and your red fur jacket 😀

  11. Anonymous says:

    Simply divine…the both of u!!!! vintage thrift shop girl is lovin’ these pics blessings….

  12. Gloria says:

    Beautiful outfits, I love jackets and POOF, but No Real Fur unless it’s grown out of your head!

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