haute hippie f/w 2011

 I didn’t expect to see my dream closet at the Haute Hippie F/W 2011 collection, but I sort of did…
Have a look to see what I mean in the link below…


Checked (plaid) weathered button down shirts with tarnished studs. Love the raw hem.
Fringe poncho with oversized monk style hoodie
The Dream Catcher chiffon maxi dress. I basically passed out when I saw this
Bobcat fur vest.  Good with flares or skinnies tucked into slim knee high leather boots. Beanie or large brimmed hat optional
Fringe beaded deco skirt. How sick with an old white T and black suede gladiators
Nude flame beaded jackets and charcoal long fringe cross stitched jackets
Emerald green embroided jacket. I think you know by now how I feel about embellished vintage looking jackets.  I think I whimpered when I saw this
Flowing maxi dress in rock chick leopard.  The fabric is so light it literally floats on the hanger
Heavy metal chain dress with plunging v neck front.  This ticks all my dress expectation boxes: Floor length. Check. Long skinny sleeves. Check. Plunging front. Check. Note the chains, one hanging from each shoulder down to the knee.  Kill me now
The Haute Hippie collection is inspired by the Rock n Roll Bohemian and all I kept thinking was ‘this is so bloody meeeeeee
The beaded jackets – I was thinking about this.
The fringing – Apart from the below post where I turned up at the show room wearing that fringe jacket, these numbers came to mind.
The leopard. The beading. The maxis  – This one outfit alone confirmed what I kept thinking:  This collection is like a hyper/luxe version of Karen’s ultimate closet.

I would wear have worn it all in some form or another so I felt right at home.

Must. Have. Long Chain. Metal. Dress. In. Last. Pic.


  1. Serena says:

    LOVE haute hippie- I went to their corporate office for an interview and there were just racks and racks of amazingness as you have documented above. That beaded skirt and fur vest are my faves!



  2. Alexandria says:

    This post just made me breathless. I love EVERY single piece!

  3. N says:

    That Dream catcher chiffon maxi dress is to die for!!
    just gorgeous!



  4. MusicLuffler says:

    Digging it, this brand has always been one of the coolest out there. The leopard dress looks heavenly.

  5. wastedtalent says:

    i’ve been checking out your blog from time to time for a while…i actually thought the pictures were from your closet until i read the whole post.

    so much like you. i may not have the same style but i could definitely rock some of those bad ass pieces =)

  6. wastedtalent says:

    The Dream Catcher chiffon maxi dress ? Flowing maxi dress in rock chick leopard ?

    never had a maxi dress…but i think i’ll start there.

  7. ANGUILLAGRL says:

    What a great collection!!! That Dream Catcher number….I could die!!!! They certainly have locked into your aesthetic!!!!! LUV IT!!!!! & ur blog!!!!

  8. Lily says:

    Stunning!! LOVE that bobcat fur vest and the beaded mini.


  9. vivacious blonde says:

    Those dresses are absolutely phenomenal. Haute Hippie never disappoints.

  10. D'jamy says:

    The chiffon maxi dress is definitely a must-have, absolutely gorgeous 🙂 What kind of prices are we talking about?


  11. Nadiathebird says:

    that IS AWESOME
    most of all loved the dream catcher dress! so fab!

  12. Donca says:

    That dreamcatcher maxi is amazing.

  13. Dylana Suarez says:

    This is so awesome!



  14. FASHION CHALET says:

    SO you Karen, So K. Moss too! 🙂


  15. Nadette says:

    I wasn’t expecting anything in this collection to do anything for me either, as I’m decidedly as unhippie as they come. BUT, that flame beaded jacket and leaopard maxi are GORGEOUS. that maxi deserves to come home with me one day soon 🙂

  16. Londonholic says:

    Wow!! That looks amazing! I love your blog xx

  17. Anonymous says:

    love. love. love. i can defiantly see you looking absolutely stunning in these clothes 🙂

  18. Lisa Ann says:

    This collection is amazing! And so you. I’m loving the skull in your first photo. I have been looking for one for sometime now to put on the front of the RV I am renting to go to Coachella. Any tips where I can find one?

    Check out my blog if you have a moment. I would appreciate any feedback.


    ❤ Lisa Ann

  19. M & Em says:

    I started hyperventilating when I saw the maxi dress with the feathers. Words cannot even describe how beautiful that is.


  20. naomi says:


  21. Karen says:

    Serena – that must have been torture.

    @ everyone – I know it’s all flipping gorge!!

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