the outnet shoot

Picking out my two outfits  
Aha! this D&G cowboy shirt = winner (sorry for the Sheen reference)
Click below for the rest of the shoot >>>

Racks of designer pieces normally only seen online

A snippet of the accessories table. They also had the black versions of the Wang ankle boots. (on sale here).

Eye candy 
Having make up done by Joe Hurbrich (we share the same style YSL mens boots)

The view outside the window from the make up station

A member from Starworks and make up artist Joe (here’s where I first saw those shades from St Marks)

Outfit # 1: 
Balmain sequin flares + D&G cowboy shirt + HTC stud belt (testing out a blue clutch with it).  I wanted to walk right out the front door wearing this entire outfit

Caught dancing to Jay Z playing in the studio
Giving the thumbs up to some iPhone pics with the photographer
Outfit # 2:
Well what do you expect I’d wear? You know me and sequins.  Here’s me chatting with staff about the outfit.
A Sonia Rykiel sequin blazer and a sequin gold shift dress.  I don’t pick things by halves I tell you. 
Front view of the outfit in front of camera.  I went all out mixing two shades of sequins and loved it!
This rolling scene is at the end of the video!! (see below)

Loved the over sized long length of the blazer

What I wore to arrive at the studio: Top: Vintage. Harem jeans: H&M. Boots (love these). Jeffrey Campbell. Like these too. Fedora: Trash & Vaudeville

The Outnet video of the day (you need sound):

Ta dar! *arms outstretched* 
Here’s the pics taken during The Outnet Dress Up event a few weeks ago (I posted about it here). 
I felt like I was back home again since that The Outnet staff are from England, except this time I was surrounded by the most ridiculously gorgeous designer clothes.  “Go on Karen, pick any two outfits you want for this shoot”  I levitated 5 inches clear off the ground when I heard that. 
Click here for the Where Did U Get That page showing a lot of what I wore.   No lie – but I ALMOST got the sequin blazer and I’m STILL thinking about that heavy stud belt.  In real life, the studs are a dull silver and bronze mix and it looks like an old vintage find.  Crap I’m talking myself into caving. Maybe by the time you read this I’ll have got it.
 Note:  The Balmain sequin flares.  First time I’ve come face to face with my dream item combination: sequins + bell bottom skinnies.  Sensory over load.

Thanks The Outnet for a brilliant day : – )


  1. Liz says:

    I love that tunic, is so lovely, I want something like that by I’m so shy an tiny, I think I’ll look silly


  2. Collections says:

    Gorgeous photographs. I love the blouse you’re wearing in the first photograph.

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    Collections Giveaway

  3. Monroe Steele says:

    Wow this is super cool. I love the video too. Man you are super the outfits your put together esp the sequin dress and blazer!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  4. bravegrrl says:

    i’m pretty much dying over both your outfits…

  5. Juella says:

    The mixture of sequins is BRILLIANT! You’d think it would be too much but it looks like it was made to be.

    Did you get the belt? Lol

  6. Sing says:

    I love the pieces you selected, so you and glam!

  7. thefashionguitar says:

    You picked the perfect looks. I envy you for having this shoot. So cool!!

    Happy weekend!

    xo thefashionguitar

  8. letiziabarcelona says:

    I love the sequins and glitter, it’s fabulous for the photoshoot, but I won’t wear it for everyday life.
    You’re so beautiful Karen ! following you on facebook.

  9. Creme De La Kravitz says:

    The first outfist has a very Michael Jackson flare about it. Especially with your dancing! love it.

  10. Nadette says:

    So apparently my love for sparkle goes as deep as LOVING those balmains! I want to wear them for my bday on friday. Better yet, I want to wear them to my crappy job, because they will make my workday that much better.

  11. samantha rae says:

    that sequined blazer is amazingggggg

  12. StyleGasimGreen says:

    Yes!!! Yes!! That Sonia Rykiel blazer is EVERYTHING!!!! U look great! I love the choices you made for this shoot…fabulosity!!!…(As usual)

  13. The White List says:

    Not sure how I missed this post but this is amazing! I love both of your looks! Especially the second one.

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