Polo shirt with magic powers: Uniqlo.  Cropped jeans & belt: Zara. Similar belt online here or jeans here and here if you don’t have a Zara in your area (they have a few other brand colours on the site). Satchel: Cambridge Satchel Company (13″ size) –  love the yellow and red too.  Shades: Ray Ban. Tourquoise ring: Britannina Antiques @ Brooklyn Flea MarketPink watch: The Outnet
I went back to the classics and got a couple of Uniqlo polo shirts and thought how the heck should I wear the pink one?  Answer: I’ll colour block the hell out of it.  I wore it with heels when going out eat out that evening. (You remember the last time I posted the heels with woollies). 
The blurb on the shirt tag says it’s got UV filters in it and keeps you dry from perspiring.  Hmmmm  –  probably a good thing;  under arm colour block circles caused by perspiring isn’t such a good look.
Soon as it STAYS warm though I swear I don’t want to wear black ever again. That’s not going to happen of course but you get the point: COLOUR COLOUR COLOUR

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  1. Shini says:

    Dudeeee love the colour you chose, made a grave mistake of choosing blue and now I have no idea what to do with it 🙁
    Looks great with the shades of green + pink!!

  2. Corie says:

    Love this look! The colors work well together. I hardly ever wear color, but I’m trying to change that. It seems as though your whole wardrobe is full of color.


  3. Nichole says:

    I love the colour combo! Wicked!

  4. Diana says:

    this is some of the best color blocking i’ve ever seen!

  5. welcometodeutschland says:

    you look like a polo match gone right, im obsessed with this outfit!


  6. Al says:

    This outfit reminds me of my “preppie” days, minus the heels of course. I think I wore white laced up skippies back then. Cute look though. Those heels are sweet 🙂

  7. B says:

    OMG EffING LOVE IT!!!!!

  8. Collections says:

    love this “I’ll color block the hell out of it” Love those heels and I have those same jeans. The bag is incredible. Overall, per usual, awesome outfit. Very country club.

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  9. Lily says:

    Love the shoes !!


  10. myafricancloset says:

    the green and pink combo is great. love the slightly varying shades though. And the colour of the shoes………
    love love

  11. melissa says:

    LOVE those coloured cropped pants! Cute outfit! xo

  12. Maria Diana says:

    I love this outfit!


  13. Amanda says:

    SO chic, so clean, so fresh and springy… I love color blocking!

  14. Anonymous says:

    It kind of reminded me of strawberry shortcake. It was okay !