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I should have known the day would come when the Chloe docs would be copied.
Less the white stitching (which can easily be dyed dark by a cobbler), these are an excellent version of the original.
My Chloes are black
One guess where this copy literally just popped up.  Would you get them?


  1. Britt+Whit says:

    i like the red color but I love your black ones!

    love from San Francisco,


  2. Joie says:

    i’m guessing that they popped out from the LF store? :9

    now the question is which brand decided to copy them. maybe jeffrey campbell?

  3. Anonymous says:

    The stitching is fine. Your black ones have white stitching. And as much as I’d like to have anything Chloé if the price is right for a knock-off version, I might buy it. You do the same with Jeffrey Campbell’s…

  4. jamie-lee says:

    Theyre from Urban Outfitters right? I’m still hunting for a pair of the black ankle ones in a size 40.. I almost found a pair on ebay but they’re so rare these days!

  5. johanna says:

    I want those shoes so badly !!

  6. Sobia Awan says:

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  7. Anonymous says:

    but…. where did you get that??

  8. holly mariee says:

    yeah, I don’t see why not! it’s just the highstreet trying to make trends more accessible. x

  9. TASH says:

    ONE HUNDRED % I WOULD. if you can’t afford the real ones and you’re obsessed with the model than there’s no question. No matter what it is. IT ISN’T ALL about LABEL.


  10. Mila says:


  11. Jennifer says:

    LOVE them!!

  12. Bec says:

    i’m guessing uo…even though i like to get something cheaper because i can’t afford the original the blatant copying sometimes feels a little wrong…

  13. Karolina says:

    Yes, please! Fun color! Sometimes is better to buy the copy then the original and save some $$$! I can not afford to buy Chloes…

  14. Camilla says:

    Oh those are quite gorgeous, and I’m betting it’s LF judging by the background

    x Camilla


  15. The Queen of Hearts says:

    LF or Forever 21. Both are notorious for imitation. Personally, I wouldn’t do it but the earlier comment is right: you do purchase shoes from Jeffrey Campbell and he is basically the second coming of Steve Madden. I’m a firm believer in, “you get what you pay for,” so I won’t spend the money on anything less than the original. Not to mention, I don’t support people who steal the ideas of others for personal gain. Fashion should be about creativity and imagination, not a quick buck.


  16. Anonymous says:

    These are so ugly… as is everything you wear. Ugh!

  17. www.glamourblog.tk says:

    You always got the most amazing items!!

    Long time you’ve been on my blog, hope to see you soon again! xxx

  18. CurvyGirlChic says:

    ?? Are those at Urban Outfitters?? They’re cool and a pretty good copy but I probably wouldn’t get them. I still love your Chloe boots! Can’t quite replace the original! 😀

    xo Allison of CurvyGirlChic

  19. emma says:

    please share where these are from

  20. I V Y says:

    i must say, they’re still very nice though.


  21. Nihmen T. says:

    Those are so cute! I love the red color, I would buy them!

  22. Anonymous says:

    jeffrey campbell for LF ???

  23. Anonymous says:

    You could maybe even darken that stitching with a liberal application of appropriately colored shoe polish. A deep red cordovan would probably go over OK– but I’m in a DIY mode. I blame Scout Willis. All I want to do is grab some scissors and improvise.


  24. Anonymous says:

    LF Stores

  25. Karen says:

    They are LF : ))

  26. Jen says:

    Urban Outfitters!

    Jen xx

  27. Anonymous says:

    could you PLEASE tell me where they are from?!!

    im in love

  28. shepoems says:

    Wauw, they are awesome and I love the colour! Don’t know if I would buy them..

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