Dress: Forever 21. Boots: Guiseppe Zanotti  (last size left ONLINE!! Also LOVE the plain pony skin versions).  Bag: Rebecca Minkoff. Shades: Street vendor @ Astor Place. 
LOVE ditsy tea dresses (like this and this one – remember the video)?
I found this puff sleeved one the other day in between looking for people for WDUGT street style pictures.  Wore it this weekend with the elvis boots (worn before in winter) and this teeny snake skin magenta bag.  I want a matte lipstick this exact same colour – recs?
I thought these dresses here and here were just as gorge. Ankle boots optional (or in my case my pedicure looks like crap atm). 


  1. augustalolita says:

    i love your dress and purse <3

  2. giselle says:

    omg i love your dress:)
    i really hope i bump into you in the city one day and youll ask me where i got whatever i was wearing;p

  3. Think Twice Style says:

    Sick shoes. Fluttery dress. Hot bag. Crazy hair. All of these add up to equal one awesome look! I love how wild and free you look!

  4. Debby says:

    I love your hair. YOur entire outfit is amazing.
    xoxo Debby

  5. Erika Gregory says:

    What gorgeous shots. Love the entire outfit!

  6. 十十f十 says:

    love the hair. cute outfit.

  7. tamika says:

    Your legs are everything!! I wish mine looked like that lol.. Love the purse as well

  8. Amanda says:

    That dress is lovely!

  9. lučiak says:

    I love your hair in combination with the flower dress… and I don´t like the combination with this kind of shoes, vrrrrr :/

  10. Camilla says:

    that dress is so so cute

    x Camilla

  11. eloiselabetise says:

    Love your dress and your bag! xxx

  12. Catherine says:

    The dress is incredibly pretty on you, and I love the bag.

    But those boots?? Unnnnnfff! They are so sick, I would MARRY THEM forever.

  13. Dodo says:

    Those boots stay fabulous!!

  14. L' Artiste says:

    oh those Zanottis!

  15. Besos, Lynn says:

    I couldn’t get pass your hair, it looks great! It’s been a while since you have updated us on your hair regimen….

  16. Juella says:

    You’re lucky your manicure just looks like crap and can be fixed. Stumped my toe the other day and there went half of my big toe’s nail. No sandals for me until this sucker grows out. Lol

    Dress is loverlee! Wore one from H&M this weekend; life feels so much easier whenever I’m in things of that sort.

  17. Designer Dresses says:

    Ahh floral prints are wonderful, have to confess that I think that those shoes and that handbag clash somewhat jarringly. I still covet the bag though and I love how well it goes with your dress!

  18. Closet Cravings says:

    The glittery boots are pretty fabu =)

    hand-stitched luggage tags

  19. BRUNETTE BRAID says:


    AMAZING! 😀