Dress: Zara (similar style here or I’d KILL for this by Wang). Gladiator sandals: Sigerson Morrision (plainer versions here or these cuff ones in diff colours).  Bag: Cambridge Satchel (worn before here). Nails: Essie ‘Bright Tights’ (looks 10x brighter in real life and I love it!).  Shades: Ray Ban
This is what I wore when it was 100 degrees in New York.  Yes – 100 degrees. I mean –  I looked at my wardrobe that morning and thought ‘Karen wtf do you wear when it’s 100 outside???’ 
I went with this grecian style dress from Zara bought a good two years ago-ish. It’s white, cotton and light – anything heavier and I would’ve melted.  Even the bag couldn’t be dark.

Still sweated my a** off.  Bloody global warming. 


  1. says:

    omg that’s mad! I remember when I went to NYC in Summer a few years back- I thought it was boiling then but no way was it that kind of temp! Love the bag πŸ™‚


    i looove this outfit! casual and chic! j’adore :))))

  3. Camilla says:

    this is amazing, i love the neon and white together πŸ™‚

    x Camilla

    LOVE dress giveaway on my blog πŸ™‚

  4. Анна says:

    what a beautifull dress, and beautifull you !

  5. Isabela says:

    There is no better option than a dress when it’s sooo hot;)

  6. the polka leopard says:

    that’s so warm!perfect dress for that heat, cotton is a must. and i love your orange nail polish x

  7. Sia says:

    You look great in 100 degrees babe! xoxo

  8. weasel says:

    Great dress and this nail polish is incredible.

  9. Monroe Steele says:

    haha..i totally feel your pain…efffing heat wave. anywho ive seen this bag everywhere and debated about getting it. great post

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  10. Think Twice Style says:

    I LOVE this dress! Gorgeous and light! One of those barely-touches-you dresses that is perfect for hot weather!

  11. The Fancy Teacup says:

    That dress is such a refreshing look in this heat! It’s been 110+ over here where I am for the entire month, and it looks like August will be the same, too. And goodness, instantly coveted that fluorescent satchel.

    ♥, Jamie

  12. SAMANTHA says:

    yeah this heat has been killing me but this is the PERFECT outfit for it – love the easy breezy dress and that amazing cambridge satchel <3

  13. Dylana Suarez says:



  14. Maria Elba says:

    that dress is beautiful! for being so hot out you still look absolutely stunning!

  15. Style-Pursuit says:

    Well, it might have been 100 degrees, but still, you managed to look super stylish in that unbearable heat! :o) Love this dress!


  16. David Diaz says:

    OMG Girl, I have the same problem in my state the temperature is ridiculous! I can’t stand it. I hope it gets a little colder over here, so I don’t have to sweat when I immediately walk out the door. lol

    The simplicity of this outfit is amazing! You are so inspirational to me! LOVE IT! πŸ˜€

    Have a Good Day!


  17. Sing says:

    Great choice for this heat!

  18. Malena says:

    Love that simply, girlish dress!

  19. Bre says:

    I remember living in NYC and thinking that in the summer it;s always hotter then the weather report lets up to and in the winter it’s always colder. For it being so warm you picked a perfect outfit. Great pop of color with your satchel.

  20. Good Wear Day says:

    Lovely outfit, very casual chic! The contrast of the dress with the yellow bag looks great. Also, love the nail polish!

    Lois, -Good Wear Day-

  21. Stevie says:

    Beautiful dress!

  22. Karen says:

    you me hello – I know. Ridiculous!!

    Thx everyone re the nail polish. I HIGHLY recommend you lot get it if you can find a bottle. I already want a back up.

    Melanie Alexandra – I always wondered how the American Apparel versions were. Are they VERY neon?

    Monroe Steele – I don’t see the bag that much when around New York which at the end of the day is the most important bit: do I see it when I walk around. You’ll LOVE IT if you get one. I’ve had at least 4 people buy one after seeing mine in real life. LOL!! Geeeet iiiiiiit (I’m terrible aren’t I).

  23. madzia says:

    very nice bag πŸ™‚

  24. Karen says:

    Anon/Nathalie/Madzia – thx it’s unusual to see them (esp in neon) in NY which makes it more special. Get one if you ever are thinking about it or have a bday coming up ; )

  25. julia says:

    what camera equipment do u use?

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