Picture over load at the William Rast party

Here’s some pictures I took at the William Rast roof party.  Enjoy!

And here’s me failing miserably at posing next to someone who clearly knows what he’s she’s doing 
Me: Dress: Spanish Moss. Red winklepickers: Underground Originals – found them here.  Gold aviators: Ray Ban.  Bag: Vintage
Roof top (open) bar + summer fashion over load equals a brilliant evening. I went a bit camera mad but wanted to share some styles I loved.  Only in New York… 
Thanks WR for the invite!


  1. Vivien Helf says:

    Who’s that guy with you? He looks fab, just as you do!!!!!


  2. Monroe Steele says:

    cool flicks…love that last photo haha

  3. Monika says:

    LOVE the pictures! I definitely want to attend something like this one day (:


  4. Khandi Ray says:

    Love the guy in the flannel shirts jewelry.His wrist game is crazy!!

  5. 401 says:

    This looks so fun! I love the photos.

  6. abataba says:

    Fabulous pictures!!

  7. Huda says:

    lovely pictures, I had to laugh @ the blond dude with that lame shirt….reminds me of the cheesy song ‘baby got back’.

  8. Anonymous says:

    ANYBODY have a clue where the guy in the first pic got his tee from?

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