Shop Love – Western Spirit

Over a maxi dress or an old t-shirt anyone?
Sick fringe jackets

I have absolutely no reason to wear one but I’ve always loved Indian head pieces. The bigger the better
Love these pictures 
Love the brown boots on the far right
Uh- mazing metal tips for your boots (and they don’t have to be cowboy boots)
Guess which two I bought
I walk around in these like slippers at home
Perfect for winter
Striking statement necklace
Upgrading my All Saints (on sale here in suede)
A little pressie for you lot 🙂
Oh Karen breathe.  Just – breathe – iiiiiin – ouuuuuttt.    I think I hyperventilated walking into this shrine to anything Western and Navajo. 
When I look around at all the online summer look books, there’s always a running thread of either of these two elements and Western Spirit has to be THE mother ship for that.  I’m not expecting you to morph into a tobacco spitting cowboy, but this place honestly feels like a secret cave for picking up one thing to inject some authentic Southwestern influence. Even if it’s just a friggin’ T-shirt (pic 13).  I bought two – I’ll cut the sleeves off and wear as tanks. 
There were two fellow Brits in the shop: “oh my God,” they were saying, “this place is bloody amazing.” We ended up talking to each other, nodding our heads, pointing to pieces on the wall, pointing at the jewellery, the boots, the jackets – the whole bloody lot.  “London’s so boring compared to this” sighed one. “I wouldn’t go that far, but I know what you mean” I replied.
ps. That’s my trusted old All Saint boots in the last pics. I had metal tips added per the below before/after post.  Western Spirit let’s you pick ones you want (pic 12) and will add them to your boots (approx $20-ish a pair).  I was in LF recently and the sales assistants were asking where my metal tipped boots were from and immediately grilled me on how/where they can get metal tips added to their suede desert ankle boots.  Tips work perfectly if you have boots like this or these
pps. Show the above 10% off discount card if you do visit (print it or just show a pic from your screen).


  1. Anonymous says:

    I like the military jackets in the 4th from last photo. (maybe because I’m missing my Sgt. Major right now)

  2. the polka leopard says:

    Thst shop looks cool! i’ve seen people wear Indian head pieces to festivals here ha ha

  3. amalie says:

    amazing pieces! love the fringed jackets x

  4. Anonymous says:

    wow! what a place…
    I’m polish and it Looks like a reason to apply for visa again- since it expired- and go visit USA! I think you bought Wild Wind t-shirt.
    I would. and I’ll go for it one day! thanks for sharing, Karen. you are uh-mazing girl! I love you!

  5. The Fancy Teacup says:

    I just totally drooled seeing this post. Western/native chic galore. And that is so awesome that you can get customized metal tips added to your boots. Goodness!

    ♥, Jamie

  6. Letti says:

    I need to put some medal tip in my boots , like right now hopefully they have an oline store I am gushing over COWBOY wear nice post and that necklace is a go getter :0)

  7. VeronicaGlam says:

    The necklaces and boots were my favorite.

  8. 401 says:

    Gahhh this is awesome! I have been wanting a pair of authentic cowboy boots.

  9. KinkyNCoily_Mo says:

    o-m-g this store looks amazing! I’m obsessed with the whole Navajo/Southwestern look and I love that they can add metal tips to your boots…I must find a place near me that will do that, or else I’ll make a trip to NY, it’s just too cool. Thanks for sharing!

  10. weasel says:

    OMG, I would buy everything!

  11. Tariro says:

    Such an awesome store!

  12. Anonymous says:

    hi may i ask what’s your height and uk size? cos im judging to see if certain things would fit on me based on ur pics 🙂 thanks for ur help!

  13. SAMANTHA says:

    looks like an amazing store I have to get over there asap! I was just in nashville and scored the coolest cowboy boots… in need of some of those tips!

  14. clara says:


  15. Red Coco says:

    I went there a few years ago and felt in love with this store. The jackets are amazing! thanks for the pics:)

  16. Saltless Cracker says:

    Mudda Mudda, I woudl go crazy if I went there.

  17. rachel says:

    ahhhh that place looks AMAZING. Just my style. We have a much smaller, more low-key version in Portland and it is my favorite place to shop…

  18. ragazze immagine says:

    I just seeing this post. That shop looks cool and The necklaces and boots is my favorite! Such a awesome store…!

  19. Khandi Ray says:

    This place is pure heaven!!!! From the t shirts to the jackets… I love everything…

  20. Derrar says:


  21. brownponytail says:

    i was so bummed i didn’t make it to this store when i was in nyc!!! next time for sure 🙂
    going to arizona next though, i’m bound to find smth similar there 😉

  22. Deanne says:

    I have loved anything western/indian since my aunt bought me my first pair of Minnetonka booties when I was a little girl, been wearing some version of them ever since…yes, I’d go crazy in a store like this, but the key is, unless you really ARE a cowboy or an indian, is to wear one thing at a time….of course, no one was happier than me to see fringe come back into vogue, because I have been wearing it for years.

    About the indian headpieces, or “war bonnets” – they are not a fashion piece, and I believe it is very upsetting for natives to see them used as such. These bonnets have a very heavy spiritual and religious significance to Native Americans. It is an honor well earned to be able to wear one, not something to be taken lightly. There was a huge uproar when photo shoots for fashion magazines portrayed half naked models in them, and then Vic. Secret used them on models in their fashion show a while back – leading to them making a public apology to Native Americans over it.

    Just sayin’…

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