the widow

Dress: Spanish Moss American Gold.  Winkelpickers: Underground @ ASOS.  Bag: Foley & Corinna vintage.  Gold mirror shades: Ray Ban. Cross: LF. Nails: Topshop. 
I wore this dress for the William Rast party at the Dream Hotel last weekend.  We took these pictures early evening just before walking into the hotel. I knew I’d be snapping loads of pics of everyone else, so Michael quickly took these before handing me the camera to take over (I’m really getting into shooting other people). 
I almost never wear all black in the height of summer but I make an allowance with this one (seen before here with more boots – sandals next – for SURE).  
Pics from the party to follow.
ps. Is it just New York that’s going through a heat wave this week? I mean – 95/100. WTF?


  1. Jay says:

    That dress is gorgeous!! 🙂

  2. ♥Run With Fashion♥ says:

    Love the red boots and love your bag. 🙂
    Yeah, it’s really fun snapping pics of other people. 😀
    I miss it. :/

  3. Taylor B. says:

    I’m used to it. I can’t imagine what you all are dealing with. Hang in there; it can’t last forever.

  4. Ju'lia says:

    Love Love

  5. Stylifiq says:

    the cut out dress is so amazing.. you are rocking it with some serious attitude 🙂
    Style by Stylifiq

  6. Lauren says:

    Love the red accents! That necklace is rad!

  7. Camilla says:

    That bag is just too awesome, you look amazing!

    x Camilla

  8. the polka leopard says:

    great dress! i’ve followed you from the start,you have such an individual style! and you get the best vintage finds! well done x

  9. Kdotorg says:

    That dress is amazing. But , oh man, THAT BAG! I love it, I want it, I need it.

  10. Raya says:

    amazing dress!

  11. Nita -Karoliina says:

    It’s way too hot here!

    By the way, you looked so good. That dress! yummy!

  12. Rianna Bethany says:

    really nice dress, great cut out deatil and fringing

    Rianna xxx

  13. ☆ Letizia says:

    love your bag and the red shoes!

    ☆ Letizia

  14. Maria Diana says:

    word on the heat wave! this ish is re-donkulous!

  15. Sing says:

    Yea Chicago is blazing as well and no relief is coming anytime soon.
    This dress is dreamy!

  16. Reflect and Fancy says:

    so glad that I came to your blog and followed! really nice styles and atmosphere..

    would be a pleasure if you visit me too on my blog!

  17. Nadette says:

    I love that dress, and I’ve been eying those boots at Asos for a while now. And no, it’s not just NY that’s being melted day by day. I’m in baltimore and it’s going to be 103 all weekend–and i have to bake for a birthday, fml!

  18. Saltless Cracker says:

    32 or 33 states going through a heat wave. But uh come down south (Louisiana) and it’s 100+ starting in May. Yay us.

  19. LA says:

    The coolest Morticia Adams ever!
    You rock everything Karen


  20. herlucidsKy says:

    You look absolutely stunning as usual.
    I would love to find a similar pair to those all saints fringe boots, i’ve looked everywhere I could think of but no luck….*sighs*

  21. **OnYxStA** says:

    love the cut-out detailing on the dress and how it compliments your shape. Love how it doesnt come off as slutty on your frame but actually looks really nice xx


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