the calm before

It’s a damn good thing I hit the beach last week…

Panama hat: New Orleans.  Denim shorts: New Orleans vintage shop (similars here or here). Crop T: American Apparel.  Shades: Ray Ban. Necklace: Fashionology
This was last weekend. Out on Long Beach, bike riding, good old chin wags and jello shots with friends.
Won’t be happening this weekend since New York is getting blown away by a Hurricane.  Any bets it won’t be that bad? Course I could be eating my words by Sunday. Storms can cause all kinds of damage after all! One of my friends recently had to have some repairs carried out on her house after a bad storm damaged her roof. Of course, no one likes to think too much about their home getting buffeted by a storm, but there are steps you can take to minimise the potential damage. For example, my friend was able to claim towards the cost of her repairs because she had taken out a home insurance policy. If you live in an area where bad weather is a frequent occurrence, it is in your best interest to take out a home insurance policy that provides coverage for damage done by wind, rain, and lightning strikes. To find out more, go to the simply insurance website. Once there, you can compare a few different insurance providers to find a home insurance policy that meets your needs.
Wearing my favourite shorts that you saw in the ‘my week‘ post.  I wore them before in this Central Park post. For someone who asked, the brand name of them is Not Guilty 😉 


  1. augustalolita says:

    wonderful photos!! love your outfit <3 those shorts are too cute!!

  2. Julie Khuu says:

    They are too too cute! Love the look of floral denim paired with neutrals…that shot of pink is bold! and beautiful!

    Hope you’re staying safe K!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  3. 401 says:

    Ahh I’m so mad I wasnt able to hit the beach before the hurricane! Lucky girl.

  4. Maria Elba says:

    how cute! love your shorts!

  5. Auburn Not Red says:

    As someone who lives on the SC coast, I know how bad hurricanes can be. People who have never experienced it always act as though it will never happen to them. Please take it seriously and be careful!

  6. SAMANTHA says:

    I live 20 minutes from Long Beach I love it there. fantastic photos I love your shorts anddd I don’t think the hurricane is going to be that bad eitherr..!

  7. M.R. says:

    love the pic on the bike=-so cute!

  8. letizia says:

    ☆ Letizia


  9. Ola says:

    lovely summer post, I could feel the atmosphere. I hope the hurricane will not be that strong as they are predicting!

  10. Hanna says:

    Perfect look, for such an beachday.
    sunnyday Hanna.

  11. Sia says:

    Love the shorts, you look so happy. XOXO

  12. Michelle Goldie says:

    Great pictures, I love your hat 🙂

  13. Soul Pretty says:

    OM…I was just on Long Beach last weekend too! Check out my blog pics…
    I just removed everything from my terrace…the Mayor is hyping the storm too much…I have lived here all my life and I have never seen anything like this…wish us luck.

  14. Camilla says:

    we’re on holiday in North Carolina and all up the East coast- such a lovely thing to arrive and have everyone being like HURRICANE EVACUATE ahah, you look amazing aswell- those shorts are so cute

    xo Camilla

  15. Patricia says:

    You must enjoy your life…I’ve been your fan for long now and I must say that you never dissapointed me…Your ouftis are always special and so…so..Yours…

    It does not matter that another blogger has the same top as you do, because you wear it in such a way that it looks completely different…I love your style and I’ll never have enough of your fashion ideas…

  16. Serendipity Max says:

    Perfect beach outfit. Love your necklace too. That sandcastle is amazing!xx

  17. K.M. says:

    your shorts are so cute 🙂

  18. andi awaludin says:

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