Me in the village – it rained about 10 mins after this. Read on for more…


Flannel shirt: Uniqlo. Shorts (these are a true red which I like): Resin. Boots: Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony (sold out but similar looks here and here). Bag: Coach via eBay (yep, I had to get it in black). Red version is here and brown here.  Hat: Asos (GAP has similar in diff colours here).
These pics are from a few days ago in the west village (Michael and me just missed the down pour that quickly followed). I wore a flannel check shirt from Uniqlo.  It’s like the female version of a men’s classic and I’m surprised I never had one of these before.  They never go out really.
I wore it with red cut offs and the platform Victorian boots (my new name for them). You can so easily see this shirt worn more punk stylee – buttoned all the way to the neck with drainpipes and creepers. MUST try that next!


  1. Xiuemiko says:

    Your legs are so perfectly tanned

  2. bohemianbones says:

    Love ur style!!! I really dont know how, but u always manage to look amazing!
    Ur my style muse!!!!

    love ur blog!!!

  3. Sasha says:

    love the hat that made your assemblies stand out so much. and glad you missed the storm.

  4. devil's in the detail. says:

    oh you look so good in those shoes! they looked so unflattering on me haha, i might go for a pair of lit as

  5. Courtney says:

    These pictures look so fun! You look like you are having a blast. Gorgeous. Did I mention how much I love these shoes? Gorgeous. I have a plaid shirt that needs to come out now that I have seen you rock it with grace.

  6. Roco says:

    love the shoes! I wanted those but i missed out :O

  7. Francesca Felix says:

    I really like how you posted similar looks to the soild out opening ceremony.. now thats a good blogger!!! I love your outfit.. i feel like it is definitely something I wear.. I think ive just been inspired! thanks 🙂 Always love your blog

  8. Derrar says:

    OMG! Your shoes and your short are just lovely 🙂
    And your bag is so vintage, I love it! 😀

  9. vinyl banners says:

    Very nice quality of pictures you’ve got here. And your outfit is a high class for me. I like to fit that hat of yours also they really look charming.

  10. Auburn Not Red says:

    I love red flannel! I remember when I was in 6th grade, I would always raid my dad’s closet for his red flannel shirt and wear it to school. I’d knot the bottom or wear the top unbuttoned a few notches or tuck it in or layer. I lived in that shirt! (I almost want Fall to come because of this.)

    You look so sexy here, Karen! Your legs! How do you get them to look like that?

  11. Amanda says:

    Great outfit, u look so damn hot… the shoes are crazy!

  12. M.R. says:

    love the boots!!!

  13. eloiselabetise says:

    Gorgeous outfit! Love your shirt, your shorts and your hat! xxx

  14. Parisian ShoeGals says:

    You have the most gorgeous leggs ever! This casual outift really brings your great figure on the foreground!

  15. agata says:

    These shoes are everywhere, but I can totally understand it- they’re so great! You look amazing, and flannel shirts are the best. x

  16. Samantha says:

    Love the whole ensemble… but you make everything look good! Glad you missed the downpour!

    xo, sam