MNG by Mango – Mission # 3

There’s always a bright side.  Even if it starts raining cats and dogs right after these pics were taken :-/

Suit: Zara (similar trousers here. Add a shirt instead – doesn’t have to be a blazer).  Striped top: MNG by Mango. Brogues: Topshop (love). Bag: Coach vintage. Necklace: Second hand shop (thrift). Hat: ASOS. Disclosure: This campaign is produced by Style Coalition and sponsored by jcpenney.

I’ve definitely noticed something about me from years ago vs. now.  I don’t wear head to toe black like I used to.  Thing is, I never knew that I was until Michael plus a close friend pointed it out.  I must have been in such a ‘coma’ of auto-dressing that I didn’t see it.  For years.
If you showed my former ‘darker’ self the above pictures (or this jumpsuit), she would’ve laughed: ‘you’ve got to be bloody kidding. I am NOT wearing that.’
Now I love colour and have put away my all black uniform. Surprising bit though is that it actually feels better.   If any of this rings true with you, I hope you feel inspired enough here to try something different.  More why nots. Less why should I.
For this MNG for Mango challenge I teamed their striped top with a fuschia suit.  Wearing classics are synonyms with Parisians so I twisted a classic suit to make it more me.  

The former all black wearing Karen would never have approved. 



  1. Gemma says:

    a navy suit would have been perfect for that mango striped tee. this red colour calls more for a black and white stripe worn with those black brogues youve posted on.

  2. Ria says:

    I love this pink! Look awesome. I’m a former all black offender myself!

  3. Asia says:

    To take a suit and wear it in a pink color is sheer genius and I love playing around with strips in different colors. It really does work in colors other than black/white or navy/white. Excellent styling Karen, you took a classic look and made it yours!!

  4. Chelsea says:

    Love it! I used to be devoted to black as well. I still have fab moments in black, but I am rarely without color. Great outfit. xo

  5. Style-Pursuit says:

    Wearing more colour = the very right thing to do! If only I had guts to work it, though… :o)

    You look absolutely fantastic in fuschia!


  6. Clochet says:

    You look stunning in that suit!! Love how bright pink looks on you!! Good choice.
    xx, Clochet.

  7. K.M. says:

    the shoes are so cute them ♥

  8. Malena says:

    Great mix and amazing suit! 🙂

  9. Sing says:

    That suit is fantastic, the perfect color for you. You look extremely youthful in these photos.

  10. Mika says:

    oh that bag! gorgeous.

  11. City Girl (EC1) says:

    Love this outfit, you look great! Enjoying your blog 🙂 x

  12. madzia says:

    bag is great 🙂

  13. feesha says:

    I used to be the same. Then was obsessed with colors. I remember once I wore fuschia pants, bright turqouise top & a neon pink scarf. A guy asked me if I was a raver haha. Now I’m in between.

  14. Ashley Madekwe says:

    This colour is STUNNING on you!

  15. ASH says:

    Pink is great on you.

  16. Nadette says:

    I love this look! I’m still not bold enough to wear electric bright pants, but I love fuscia, and I’m also purposely gravitating away from black and toward more color. Gorgeous from heat to toe!

  17. Kelly (Unremittingly Kel) says:

    this is SUPER bold, and i LOVE it.
    you totally rock the colors, glad you got out of your ‘black coma’

  18. The Photodiarist says:

    Agree with you 100%. I’ve added green, red and yellow pants and colorful tops to my closet for fall and cannot wait to wear them. currently sporting yellow jeans, I might add. It definitely feels better. Am sure I will return to my all black monochrome looks one day but for now, it’s all about color!

  19. ELLA. says:

    I have this exact bag, got it from the vintage store I work at. LOVE this suit. Looks fab xx

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