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I am back from Barcelonaaaaaaaa….!

Striped jumper: H&M (found this version). Creepers: Underground Originals (try these or pointed versions work). Bag: Coach. Shades: Ray Ban Wayfarer. Starfish ring (random shop in NY – this is similar). Newsboy cap: H&M (try this one).
I came back on Sunday – yesterdays post should’ve said that :-/ Got loads of things to do for you this week including showing more videos, listing a ton of clothes, shoes and bags in my reeeeeeeally neglected online shop (e.g. I’m listing this Alexander Wang bag in burgundy), show you the remaining Barcelona pics. God it was brilliant over there. It’s made me want a moped scooter even more than I was already thinking. I even went as far as to get moped insurance at one sure insurance, for when I do eventually decide to get a moped. I can actually see this happening and I’m already excited! My friend told me that they were looking for finance for a 125cc motorbike? I hear they are more powerful, not for me but my friend told me they look fantastic! Can’t wait to go out riding with them.
Went for a drive yesterday to see the Autumn leaves. Stopped for soup at a local cafe and walked around after. Wore these pants you’ve seen before (here) with a mod inspired jumper from H&M and the creepers (seen here before I dyed them all black – yes they were two tone before and with a dress here).
ps. more pics on facebook!
pps. So honestly, get a moped scooter or not? who’s got one? pros cons?


  1. Khaliah P says:

    been considering getting a moped too. the aesthetic, economic, and environmental benefits out way the cons for me.
    btw, i love the simple look 🙂

  2. White List says:

    I’m kinda in love with the ‘romantic idea’ of owning a scooter but not so much so with the fact that thanks to British weather, I’d have to constantly stay too insulated to actually enjoy owning one.

  3. Sunnie Bridges says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one whose being convinced that mopeds dont fair well with snow


  4. Malena says:

    Great shoes and photos!

  5. GoldBlackMirror says:

    I really love these pictures!!!!your shoes are great!!

  6. Plurielle says:

    I love the creepers shoes! Xoxo

  7. K.M. says:

    lovely pictures♥

  8. Alexandria says:

    I think I need to get some creepers now

  9. Stephanie Goh says:

    loooove the sweater! it’s so hard to find that online, and sydney doesn’t have H&M just yet 🙁

    steph /

  10. stylish with a budget says:

    back already? pls show more pic…can’t have enough…hope you are having some good rest.

  11. Jessica says:


  12. Sia says:

    I have a jumper just like that from H&M. I love the way you wore it. XOXO

  13. Serendipity Max says:

    Love this look. Love all the photographs too.


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