Ola Barcelona

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God I love it here.

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Fedora: ASOS. Jacket: Vintage (similar styles here or this by Mango) . Shorts: Levis (found another version here). Bag: Balenciaga.  Boots: All Saints (The Sam Eds give a similar effect). 
Photo credit: Gala Darling
Some quick pictures taken in one of the alley ways off La Rambla in Barcelona.  This was taken a couple of hours after an all day blogger photo shoot session. I am here for the MNG for Mango project I mentioned before here and here.  Pictures will be up in a few days :- )
Barcelona so far has been brilliant.  We have all been busy since arriving but I’ve made it a point when I can each day to sit outside at cafes with a capuccino and walk all over the place.  The old buildings are stunning and seeing everyone riding around on scooters and bicycles reminds me of one of the things I’ve always missed about Europe.  To me there’s nothing quite like seeing men in suits walking down the streets holding their scooter helmets. More pictures showing Spain to follow.  
Tomorrow is a free day so a few of us will hit a few places, including a vintage area.  Will let you know you it goes!

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