Ola Barcelona

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God I love it here.

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Fedora: ASOS. Jacket: Vintage (similar styles here or this by Mango) . Shorts: Levis (found another version here). Bag: Balenciaga.  Boots: All Saints (The Sam Eds give a similar effect). 
Photo credit: Gala Darling
Some quick pictures taken in one of the alley ways off La Rambla in Barcelona.  This was taken a couple of hours after an all day blogger photo shoot session. I am here for the MNG for Mango project I mentioned before here and here.  Pictures will be up in a few days :- )
Barcelona so far has been brilliant.  We have all been busy since arriving but I’ve made it a point when I can each day to sit outside at cafes with a capuccino and walk all over the place.  The old buildings are stunning and seeing everyone riding around on scooters and bicycles reminds me of one of the things I’ve always missed about Europe.  To me there’s nothing quite like seeing men in suits walking down the streets holding their scooter helmets. More pictures showing Spain to follow.  
Tomorrow is a free day so a few of us will hit a few places, including a vintage area.  Will let you know you it goes!


  1. Soul Pretty says:

    Love…it looks so romantic…

  2. ♥Run With Fashion♥ says:

    Nice outfit, loove your sweater, shorts, hat and boots!
    I looove the background ♥ Makes me wish i was there ^^
    Love the last pic ♥

    Wow, seems like you guys are having fun! 😀
    Can’t wait to see the pics. 😀


  3. JBlogs says:

    I loved Barcelona, you should go to parc guell and the market la boqueria! Love the outfit too

  4. Shayne Renee says:

    Amazing jacket!! Glad to hear you’re enjoying your trip 🙂

  5. Aremae Ng says:

    nice outfit!

  6. thenewyorkerstyle says:

    i am obsessed with barcelona! are you guys working on a specific project?

  7. Stephanie says:

    Your outfit is PERFECT! can’t wait to see more pics of Barcelona 😉
    have fun!!


  8. Melanie Alexandra says:

    Love the outfit! That jacket looks perfect for Spain! This whole color combo is really nice, too.

    Happy to see you’re enjoying Spain! I definitely want to go one day.


  9. Le Sapphire Blue says:

    Waouh!!! This makes me miss europe so much. I lived in Norway and miss the easiness of life. sitting at cafes, riding bikes , enjoying life at no cost…..

  10. Amanda says:

    Oh I miss Barcelona… I wanna go back so back, specially now that my favorite blogger is over there.. I hope you have a great time over ther,
    Hugs/ from Sweden =)

  11. sugarhoneybaby says:

    Soo beautiful jacket!You look great!:)

  12. Coco :-) says:

    Gorgeous jacket. The blue is popping. I love it.

  13. Budget Chic says:

    Diva, with your utter chicness, you are suppose to be there!

  14. Collections says:

    Ugh you’re making me so jealous. I miss barcelona so much. FYI be careful with your bag around las ramblas they pick pocket ALL the time there.

  15. elin says:

    I love this outfit!

  16. Rocío G. says:

    Can’t believe you’re here in my city right now. Don’t miss Gràcia, el Born and el Gòtic, the best quarters of the city if you look for something more authentic -far less touristic- than la Rambla. Enjoy 🙂

  17. Rocío G. says:

    I forgot: For sure you should also walk around the boutiques at Passeig de Gràcia for a more exclusive feeling (don’t miss Santa Eulàlia), ending up with a chocolate mojito at the mandarin hotel terrace, and having a look to manolo blahnik and tiffany’s boutiques in there…

  18. Paula T says:

    I love Barcelona, so many little streets with beautiful bars and boutiques!
    Love the felt fedora too, nice outfit. 🙂

  19. Anonymous says:

    Wooooow! I’ve see you today on top of a bus turistic near Avenida Diagonal, stopped just in front of a cafetaria! I believed that was someone like you but now I see in your blog that you’re here in Barcelona! You wore the same hat that the photos and sunglasses type Lennon ¿¿???
    I’m so excited! 😀


  20. Teresa says:

    Wow, the outfit is amaze! Not to mention the fact that you are in Barcelona! I can attest to the scooter thing, currently in Hanoi and am seriously considering getting one! Have a great trip!