Polka dot

Feeling very dotty lately….

Shirt: Spanish Moss (vintage).  Shorts: Forever21 (love these ones too).   News boy hat: H&M. Winkle pickers/creepers: ASOS.  Bag: Vintage Coach via eBay (re-issued here).
First it was the polka dot dress shown what? couple of weeks ago (here). Now this shirt.
I have been looking for a good polka dot shirt for a few weeks now.  This one is strawberry red and white which feels more vintage which it is (love this one too though).   Wore it with my favourite winkle pickers.
ps. Glad you lot like the “How To” vid below. I’m working on more vids over the next few weeks so stay tuned my lovelies (and yes, I’ll speak in them too). 
pps. Early notice:  I’m doing a boots giveaway later this week exclusively for followers on my street style twitter here and WDUGT facebook.  Join now if you want in. Deets to come.


  1. J. Choudhury says:

    I love the dots trend, the vintage polka dot blouse is different then others seen in stores. I love the pink dots and the wrinkle of it. Those creepers from H&M are a must have, I need to grab a pair before they sell out.


    J.Choudhury x

  2. Hell Notes for Beauty says:

    Very pretty blouse never see much red and whie polka dots….. The bag is stunning too!

  3. Lauren says:

    Absolutely adore polka dots, especially the socks!


  4. Diana says:

    fab! all the spots go so perfectly together 🙂 xo


  5. luckey12389 says:

    Love the polka dots trend. Went to Europe recently and was so excited to see this trend. There is something fun and child like when i see polka dots…

  6. JULES says:

    Beyond perfect look! Genius styling!

    I follow you, care to follow me?


  7. Melanie Alexandra says:

    Have you seen the dots that are new to American Apparel? The chiffon tops and skirts are to die for! I love this look a lot..I’m usually a classic black/white dot kinda gal, but maybe I should look into changing that…


  8. jane says:

    Lovely, as usual. The little red bag matches perfectly!
    Un bisou

  9. Malena says:

    Great dots mix!

  10. madzia says:

    bag and shirt and shorts are very nice 🙂

  11. ASH says:

    great location. a very fun post!

  12. maphi says:

    love it . so cute xoxo

  13. luvgmt.com says:

    I love the top!

  14. angela says:

    ahh, you are the epitome of coolness. love!

  15. Sia says:

    Such a cool look! XOXO

  16. Caroline says:

    I love the polka dot shirt, it is really sweet.

    But I just adore the polak dot socks combined with the creepers leopard pattern. This is so,playfull, so humorous!


  17. Karen says:

    CAroline – actually they are white stars on the sock but do have the same dotty effect : )

    Melanie Alexandra – uh oh…

    anorexicescapades – did i plan what the background? if so then no. We literally found it and I was like ‘stop the car! stop the effing car!!’

  18. LUU H. says:

    want your shiiiiirt!

  19. Nevin Weeks says:

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