Thrifting in grey and red

Took some quick pics while upstate today!

Silver jumper: H&M (similar here or here), layered over grey top: American Apparel. Boots: Avail here—> Jeffrey Campell (runs true to size).  Leggings: Hue (similars herehere or here). Shades: Topshop (brown tint version here). Beanie: H&M.  My necklaces: avail here and here
Michael, Oliver and I took a drive out of town today, ending up at a local out door restaurant.
Course we allllll know the #1 rule when out of town:  check out random antique or random yard sales.  I didn’t get the purse in the above picture but did find a gorgeous Oscar de La Renta cobalt blue maxi dress from an estate sale on a side road.  Me: “Stop the car!  Stop the bloody car!!!!” cue Michael making an immediate u-turn with Ollie rolling in the back thinking wtf.  I marched over and grabbed the dress.  I closed my eyes and prayed to the shopping gods that it would fit me when I got home.  It does.
I didn’t want to deal with outerwear today so I wore a metallic silver jumper seen before (here) wool leggings and platform boots. 

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