Trousers, brogues and a tea cosy.  Basically…

Cobalt blue jumper: Mens Zara. Pink trousers (part of a two piece suit): Zara (similar ones  here). Laminate brogues: Zara (or try these <— gorge in real life or these). Blazer: The Row (sample sale). Shades: Ray Ban. Bag: Vintage Coach.  Woolly hat: (will confirm shortly!). Mens watch: Seiko (I love this one by Michael Kors). Necklaces here and here.
I’ve always loved the look of a pair of cropped trousers and a big heavy brogue (pics in these before).
Something about that combination…. I swear, us girls are lucky. We get to not only own tons of clothes (which we probably don’t really need but that’s another story), but also to dress like the boys.  As if one gender of clothing wasn’t enough for us.

Speaking of which I ordered these.

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