The mixologist

Best thing about playing with clothes? Giving prints a good old mix up…

Dress: Vintage (more big prints here). Leopard print coat: Housing Works (try this or >this one). Shoes: Zara (or try these and these ones). Bag: Thrift (try a cross body). Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters ( these or these are cheap a fix).
This is one of my favourite vintage dresses found around 23rd street in the city.  
Originally I had a solid colour coat over the dress but I’ve been into clashing prints lately.  It’s more fun than the ‘do’ list on the back page of a glossy magazine.  Their ‘don’t’ list often has more appealing options.  No rules.  Speaking of, the vintage gloves popped up while rummaging through my sock draw (don’t ask) so I put them on for a bit. 
Long term readers know my trusty fuzzy bag. Got it from a salvation army (first posted here).
ps. I wore this to attend a special lunch.  Pics on that to follow very soon…
pps. I’m trying to perfect the perfect cat eye liner. My fave for now is MAC Blacktrax applied with a thin slanted brush. Anyone got any faves to share?

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