Polka and leopard

Leopard print trousers: Topshop (try these Madewells with a blazer).  Shirt: H&M (still love this cross shirt). Boots: YSL Men (these and especially these ones are an alternative). Shades: Ray Ban. Blazer: Unseen. 
Been meaning to post these pics taken a few weeks back.  The print mixing posts continue.  I was wearing a plain blazer earlier that day but I took it off.

For those who’ve asked, I mostly shoot with a Nikon D700. Lens wise I like the 85 fixed for shooting street style and for shots like (here)  – oh look its that dotted shirt again.  Or the wide angle lens like (this). Lastly the 24-70 lens – a good all rounder that does a bit of both.  In my hands above though is a Nikon D90 with a 50 fixed lens bought in 2008/2009. 

As always check the street style blog for pics taken while I’m traveling around New York.

ps. any good camera can work for those wanting to blog. It’s really about the hand that’s holding the camera vs the camera itself.  Having a good eye can make any point and shoot work brilliantly.  

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