Preparing for the Versace for H&M Show

One groggy morning I received an email.  H&M was asking to create a video following me preparing for the Versace for H&M Fashion Show.  My jaw hit the floor and I think I hit Michael’s arm ooooh about 50 times?
Fast forward to this week. The crew were with me all day this Tuesday while I got ready.  The video is now up on the H&M website here and will permanently reside on H&M’s you tube channel.  
A very special thank you to Anna, Lina, Tobias and Samara.  To work with a brand that I wear all the time is an honour.  


  1. Jerrica says:

    Very awesome to have seen you get ready. I freakin love your car and plates. Be careful driving and cellphoning pal! You looked amaze.


    Fashion Nostalgia

  2. Sing says:

    I got chills watching this video! This is awesome Karen, so happy and thrilled you got to have the experience. You looked great and your home is just darling!

  3. geena katherine says:

    i love it! i love your excitement and seeing behind the scenes!!! where in nyc do u live to have a little cute yard!

  4. Sena says:

    Congrats, I am really happy for you, this is every fashion lover’s dream…. But where did you get your ponytail hairpiece… I’ve been looking for this for ages.

  5. Cinderella's Closet says:

    Love watching you get ready for the event. You look totally marvelous! What a wonderful opportunity for you. H&M made the right choice most importantly since you do wear a lot of H&M.

    Great job!


    Cinderella’s Closet NYC

  6. ANGUILLAGRL says:

    Good God!!!! What a great opportunity for you…..can u even believe it??? And so nice to “hear” your voice rather than “read” it!!! (hope u know what I mean!!!) Of course you looked fabulous as usual….and Prince!!!!! GAH!! no words……congrats, keep up the fantastic work…XO

  7. Goody says:

    you looked gorgeous and are so adorable and i can only imagine how much fun you had!

    love that car top btw!

  8. Ceady says:

    amazing video 🙂
    You are so pretty


    I’m so happy for you! WOW!, I felt the adrenaline and your happiness! 😀

    congrats! 😀

  10. Ajah says:

    omg… i have been trying to trick myself into believing that I wasn’t going to buy anything from the collection (trying to save $$), but watching this video has confirmed that I WILL be at an H&M bright in early, skipping class and fighting the rest of the NYC girls for some great pieces..

    You’re SO LUCKY and you looked absolutely stunning.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Wow, looks like ut was an amazing night! I like the fact that you knowledge the fact in the vid when you say you used to be one of those girls who before only dreamt about going to events like this! 🙂 You looked gorge btw! Never commented on ur blog before but I’m a regular here, keep it up Karen! 🙂 -Ada

  12. Faith says:

    you’re so lucky!!! your dress looked amazing, gorgeous as always. so happy for you 🙂 awesome car by the way

  13. letizia says:

    you know you shoun’t use your phone when you’re driving haha just kidding!

    Love the video, your house is amazing, even your car with the british flag!
    you’re gorgeous!

  14. Ashley says:

    It looks like you had such a great time! I love behind the scenes videos like this, and I looooove how your hair came out – gorgeous!


  15. Eveline says:

    amazing video! and I love your dress (:

  16. Whitney Soup says:

    you have a very lovely bedroom

  17. Valerie says:

    What a great video! Nice that you were asked to do this! You also had a great outfit on!

  18. Kate says:

    This looks so fun! You seem like such a down to earth chick, you’re awesome. And you sat with Andrew Mukamal!


  19. Debora says:

    Ahahah I loved this video dear 🙂 you’re so funny and cute and I love soooo much your style.
    I’m still being the kind of girl you said you were before starting your blog and I hope one day I’ll be like you. It would be a dream.
    I’m so happy for you for everything that’s happening 🙂