Masculine jumpers

It’s really unisex anyway….

Knit jumper: H&M for men. Sequin clutch: Zara. (Similar here – code WHEREDIDUGETTHAT15 for 15% off + free ship).  Skirt: Salvation Army. Creepers: George Cox @ Trash & Vaudeville. Shades: Ray Ban.
H&M for men is still a fave spot to get knit jumpers (besides second hand shops). They’re oversized and simple.  The one in this older post is H&M mens too and I still love wearing it now. This one above was on clearance.  Got another in burgundy.  
It’s worn with a basic mini skirt from the Salvation Army.   The clutch makes a change from a shoulder bag.  Holds about the same less the strap. 

ps. I CANNOT believe it’s Christmas this weekend.  Are you staying local or going away? I’ll be out of NY for two days to stay with friends ; – )


  1. Raissa says:

    Beautiful knit jumpers. I usually shop on the mens side too, there’s always something interesting in there, haha.!
    LOVE the shoes, so different and amazing.

    Take Care!

  2. Serendipity Max says:

    LOVE this look. I just found that jumper on the H&M site the Burgundy one is lovely. Not on clearance in the UK yet so I think I will wait it out since i’m skint from present buying 🙂

    Have a great Christmas


  3. madzia says:

    beautiful clutch 🙂

  4. Fancy says:

    Great idea to shop in the men’s section which I haven’t done just yet. Thx for the tip. Also I love the thick soles of your shoes. Very refreshing! Stay #fancyfierce!

  5. fashionartlover says:

    Very comfortable in a great jumper
    I love the shoes also very useful.
    I follow.

  6. Lovezk says:

    Best for christmas… nice post

  7. maphi says:

    loving the clutch bag !!!! xoxo

  8. Nita -Karoliina says:

    cozy look! have a great holiday 🙂

  9. kaye says:

    Those brogue creepers are your best purchase… I think ever. I just love them so much!! Ive said it before and Ill say it again: You have a great eye!!

  10. Don't Think Twice says:

    im looking for some creepers like those!!! really stunning..ALWAYS! 🙂

    XX, Rachel♥

  11. Asia says:

    Those brogues are amazing!!

  12. kimberlyronning says:

    The shoes-Amazing!

    I’ve never checked out the mens section before, always thought the shoulders wouldn’t fit but will definitely check it out now^.^

  13. Karen says:

    Kimberlronning – they’re all so slouchy that its fine. no boxy look : )

    Kaye – ahhhh thank you. They are my faves I think. That statement changes depending on which ones I wear lol!

    Raissa – agreed.

    Serendipity Max – hopefully after Christmas it’ll go down. Funny how pricing is different from place to place for the same item.

  14. Styleropa says:

    Love those brogues. Your flavor is everything!! Now following you.check out my new fashion blog Styleropa:

  15. Nakia Durant says:

    I love this look on you, only you could pull it off!

  16. Manmeet Sachdev says:

    you look fantastic…i’m totally loving the outfit, especially the cluth 🙂

  17. Anonymous says:

    you have a very unique style i love it

  18. Wholesale T-shirts says:

    Hi, hope you are perfectly fine. You look simply amazing in these outfits.

  19. nd faulkner says:

    Where did you get those shoes??!!!!! ….so FRESH, so Duckie from Pretty in Pink….LOVE THEM!

  20. nd faulkner says:

    Where did you get those shoes?!!!! so FRESH, so Duckie from Pretty in Pink….LOVE THEM!

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