The big chill

Coat: Etsy. Found one less abominable here.  Bag: Rebecca Minkoff. 

It’s as cold as balls out this weekend.

This coat feels a bit like the abominable snowman but I really don’t give a toss because it’s so warm (found these pics in it from last year).

Gotta love a shaggy long haired coat.  I won’t lie. Feels a little bit rock and rolla.


  1. coco says:

    superb coat !!!!!!

  2. Weston Jaeger says:

    Definitely an elegant coat! Love how the fur looks in the picture.

  3. chris koo says:

    yeah girl rock out that coat 😉

  4. Sasha says:

    Gotta love the rock and roll vibe it gives off!

  5. Maggie ☮ says:

    Seriously I’ve been avoiding going outside. It is stupid cold! but that looks really warm.

    • Karen says:

      Agreed and yes it’s really warm. 2nd year using it and I don’t see it going ‘out’ style wish – who cares if it did. It’s too damn warm!

  6. C.A.R. says:

    *Gasp!* I NEED that!!!

  7. Laura. says:

    Love the coat !!! It has got colder here too.

  8. Consider Me Lovely says:

    I am absolutely smitten with your coat!! I only wish it wasn’t an Etsy find so that I could buy it for myself 🙂

    • Karen says:

      awww I do coats like this pop up though on eBay/Etsy. You just need to be good with checking and you’ll find one : )

  9. Borjana says:

    That is a coat from I dreams!I swear!:)

    • Karen says:

      It was for me too when I saw a girl with one a year ago at FW. I was determined to find my own.

  10. Drea says:

    Fab!! Looks so warm 🙂

    Drea xoxo

  11. Lisa Ann says:

    I just got home from a trip to NYC and all I wanted the entire time I was there was a big fluffy fur coat! I love yours, but I just simply could not justify it living on the left coast, so I went without. Now I am bummed that I was so grown up about that choice.

    PS – I saw you strolling around Brooklyn… Lookin’ perfect as always, in a long black and peach sweater thing. I was too blogger struck to say hello!

    ☮ Lisa Ann

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