New boots: Chloe Susan

Oh you are not bloody getting away this time…

Find them here in all sizes (cream & black). Note: they run 1 size large.

Get these or these instead for less sticker shock.


  1. Magdalena says:

    they are just perfect!!

  2. Julie & Hannah says:

    SO JEALOUS! They’re absolutely amazing!

  3. Megalolz!!!! says:

    I love these. I love these. I need some new boots. That is all 🙂

  4. Angela DiGiacinto says:

    dope ass boots. love.

    xx A

  5. weasel says:

    Just perfect!

  6. chris koo says:

    These remind me of the starburst by jeff campbell, although with more hardware!

    • Karen says:

      Yes they do. I linked to the JC’s above for those who want a fix for less $

  7. Ashlei M. says:

    Amazing! Simply amazing…



  8. Aino says:

    awesome! i have to have them

  9. coco says:

    beautiful … I want……

  10. madhatter says:

    Ohhhhhhh I want them sooooo much!

    They are actually gorgeous

  11. Mimi Fresh! says:

    these boots are nice. I purchased the Office knock offs for £30…$1295 is effing alot for some shoes..goddamn! lol

  12. everYOURS everMINE says:

    ooooh! you got the chloe boots!!!!!!!! they are amazing!

  13. Jess says:

    Gorgeous boots! If only I had £800 odd to spare…

    I notice on the site that they have the European sizes matching up to the wrong US size – may have something to do with them running large.


    • Anonymous says:

      Do they run a full size too large? I desperately need your opinion on this! I ordered a pair only 1/2 size smaller and I’ve been feeling like I may need a full size down. My feet are exactly EU 37, almost all of my boots and shoes are this size. My feet would be considered normal to narrow width. Maybe I actually need EU 36… Please help!

    • Karen says:

      Yes one full size large. I have Chloe boots all are 41. Thiese are 40 and fit perfect.

  14. mrs potts says:

    i would die for those boots xxx

  15. msjaneistrouble says:

    i love these sooo much but could never afford them. did you get them?

    I quite like the JC ones actually

  16. Anonymous says:

    Karen, I take my hat off to you…. I wish you many years enjoyment wearing them… I had them in my ‘shopping basket’ and just couldn’t hit ‘submit payment’!! Maybe Office will reissue….

    • Karen says:

      I hear you. I mentally saved for these for so long. For that ‘just in case’ my size happens to appear on eBay so I was just waiting to pounce when these popped up.

  17. Mara says:

    The boots are amazing, so glad you did not let them get away this time, I think they fit your style perfectly.

    • Karen says:

      I couldn’t. Been patiently waiting for years!

  18. Lianne says:

    HI, do you’ve got any idea if there are knockoffs in red? Thanks!!

  19. Sonum says:

    Such cute shoes!

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