Sweatshirt + Sequins

Plus a scarf I found….

Coat & skirt: Zara sale (Similar coat grey/black). Sweatshirt: H&M Men. Shoes: Forever21. Fedora: ASOS << on sale in both colours. Scarf: Banana Republic (similars here and here). Bag: JCrew. Shown with flares here.   

You lot don’t know this but I almost live in this poxy mens sweatshirt. Remember it here with the creepers?  Wore it with a sequin mini on sale this time. Some of the sequins are falling off showing the netting underneath which I actually prefer.

I did a massive scarf throw out two weeks ago which ‘revealed’ this where-the-f**k-did-I-put-that-fur-pull-through scarf.  It was ‘lost’ for 2 winters, buried in a scarf graveyard. Sound familiar to you? if so then trust me: a good purge on them feels 10 x better and you don’t miss what you chucked!  Found this one (the leopard version is on sale) or this one if you fancy one for over jackets or thin knits.

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