Walk the line

Feeling mod with the coat and a bit of winged eye liner (doesn’t take much).

Camel coat: Zara (thrifted). Trousers & shirt: Zara. Creepers. Underground originals. Bag: Vintage Coach via eBay. Newsboy cap: H&M.   
Photo credit: Danny
Took these pics right after visiting Balenciaga a few weeks ago for some long over due bag and shoe fondling. Every now and then I need that fix. As you can see the camel coat is making regular ish appearances. 
I tell you, get one and you’ll use it forever. I have a bunch of coats to list in my shop but this one is not going anywhere.  It swings the line of mod and modern in one. 


  1. Teresa Barnes @bridesontime says:

    Camel coats are an essential to any wardrobe, I absolutely adore my Kooples one. I put on other coats but nothing looks as good as my camel coat.

  2. Amy says:

    the creepers and the peg-leg trousers are a match made in heaven. adore your blog, Karen!

    • Karen says:

      Thx Amy!

  3. T E X T U R E says:

    I wish I had the height to pull a coat off as well as you do… Though I have to say that is a beautiful colour.

  4. Melissa says:

    great outfit, you’re making me want to go find that perfect camel coat as well

  5. Style-Pursuit says:

    I think it’s a bit too late to invest in a camel coat, since winter is about to come to an end really soon… But, I’ll definitely get one next season! :o)
    You look amazing!


    • Karen says:

      I wear them year round since there’s so many chilly nights out when you can wear one over say a little black dress and heels or something.

  6. E. Katya says:

    Lovely shirt!


  7. THE SMILE IS FAKE says:

    love this. the pumps are amazing and the cut on the pants rock

  8. Style Drive says:

    That shirt is so chic! Love it on you.

  9. chris koo says:

    It was bloody cold in New York today, god bless you didn’t catch a cold !

    • Karen says:

      I wore this look a few weeks ago, mentioned above : )

  10. Kdotorg says:

    Love this look, your creepers are incredible!

  11. graphitree says:

    love you outfit! looks great!!

  12. Drea says:

    Great outfit!! I love that shirt!

    Drea xoxo


  13. Weston Jaeger says:

    Wow the blouse and the creepers work perfectly! The coat is a nice added touch!

  14. David Diaz says:

    Love the shoes! 😀


  15. Dylana Suarez says:

    You look amazing! I need those shoes in my life!



  16. Shellena says:

    Great blog!

  17. animal print pants says:

    The creepers work so well with this look!Fabulous!

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