Going with gold

and added some colour…

Jeans: Zara (on sale). (similars here or here). Blazer: Zara. Tshirt: Thrift. Boots: YSL men. (try these, these or these in leo print). Fedora: ASOS. Clutch: Zara (saw these online: 1, 2 or 3). Mens watch: Seiko (I like Nixon or Kors too).

New York fashion week starts in a fortnight ish and I’ve decided give up the teetering heels (except maybe one day).  For the rest of the time the ankle boots you’ve seen me post this past week or so will get a good use. You know the leos before from (here) and the clutch (here) <<< those creepers will definitely get worn too.

Guess what?  This will be the FIRST time I’ll attend NYFW as a full time blogger. All the previous years I was rushing to shows then rushing back to work same day or vice versa for an entire week, often changing clothes in between.  It was ridiculous. For new readers, the video helps explain.

This time I’m free as a bird and will take loads of pictures to share across all 3 blogs for you 🙂

ps. A new How To video is coming soon…

pps. Thanks Hara for the street style feature!

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