How To Do Smokey Eyes

(requires sound)
I get comments and emails asking me about the dark eye make up that I wear a lot.  Hopefully this video will make YOU have a go!!


  • Quality Brushes: I mostly use MAC like this one for blending and this one for applying shadow (both shown in the video). They last forever so they’re worth the investment. 
  • Pigmented Shadows 
  • MAC Paints: These are cream based shadows that dry in 20 seconds and do not come off till you take them off. They come in a rainbow of dark and light colours. With eyeshadow on top, Paints holds the look all day (even with oily eyelids). *Tip: Shortcut to smokey eyes: Skip the eye shadow and just use a Paint in your favourite dark colour plus the black kohl pencil blended.  
  • Black Eye Kohl Pencil: I like MAC in Smoulder
  • Concealor/highlighter for under eye: I used a little Bobbi Brown concealor in Golden first then “Vanish” on top to neutralize under eye shadows (purchased at Screenface make up shop in London).  Dark eye make up emphasizes under eye circles and a pale concealor counteracts this, cleans up the eye area and makes your dark eyes up pop. It goes without saying that the final stage is accentuating your lashes but I personally prefer to do this using an Xlash serum rather than mascara, as it avoids a clumpy look.

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