Out the door

A couple of pictures from my instagram.

I’m heading out the door now to do some photography and dump more things at the consignment shop.   I need to split myself into two people if I tried to list what I have for sale in my shop.  Assistant needed I think….

Top pic: Mens H&M denim shirt. Leggings. Flats. Cambridge satchel (avail herehere or direct from Cambridge Satchel).

Bottom pic: Sweatshirt. H&M leggings. Vintage fur. Alexander Wang bag. Guiseppe Zanotti boots (found them in black here!).


  1. Katya says:

    cute purse♥

  2. ediot says:

    nice snaps.
    i love that fluorescent bag! it’s great

  3. Melissa says:

    want those GZ boots!

  4. Sia says:

    Love the neon bag. x

  5. Hrefna Lind says:

    love your bag…

  6. Lauren The Style Tag says:

    The satchel is amazing, I love the neon styles. I currently have a leather satchel I bought from a Spanish market but will definitely buy a Cambridge Satchel version in the future.


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