Crayon Feet

Where I got this:  
Flats: ShoeMint.  Harem jeans: H&M.  Leopard print jacket: Vintage.  Hat: ASOS. Bag: Balenciaga. Mens T-shirt (sleeves removed): Thrifted.  Love Quotes Scarf (in bag)

Get the look
Vintage jackets: thisthis or this.  See by Chloe flats.  Love Quotes scarf (same as mine).  Balenciaga bag (same as mine). ASOS hat (same as mine). 291 or Chaser T-shirts. 

You can tell how mild a winter we had by a lot of what I’ve posted.  This was taken one day last week.

I was running out to an appointment and wore the Johnny Cash mens T-shirt (seen before in this post) with harem jeans and these ShoeMint flats. I know Zara came out with ones similar but I never found them in my size so I was stoked to find ones like them again. They run true to size and are really comfortable. Try these too for look-a-likes.

ps. Naoko in the below WDUGT Spotlight post loved these flats. I was wearing this look when I photographed her.

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