Denim + Diamonds

White shirt: Zara.  Leather vest: H&M. Dungarees: H&M (on clearance).  Wedges: River Island (thx Paula!). Shades: Ray Ban.  Lipstick: Nars ‘Schiap’ Bracelet: Intermix.
Some pics taken on Saturday. Yes.  It was that mild in the afternoon.


The dungarees were one of the things I found yesterday while starting another clothes sort out.  I LOVE dungarees.  Found a dress form (thx twitter followers) and have started taking pictures for the blog shop.  New stuff is up on the site right now!!! 

I wore the dungys as oversized jeans with a loose shirt and white leather vest on top.  The rhinestone bracelet was a lucky clearance find over a year ago.  I wear it casually with old shirts/Tees and denim.

ps. The white vest has fueled my interest in white leathers. Now I’m on the hunt for a white leather motor jacket!! Any good recs let me know please!?

pps. Want to find short dungys like this one day too.

Boyfriend jeans: Madewell
White vest: Topshop or this one.
Braclets: here, here & here.  
Shades: Ray Ban (same as mine). 


  1. coco says:

    like white vest !!!

  2. Cowboys & Angels says:

    love the look! Jofama do a great white leather jacket! xx

  3. girlinthelens says:

    Awesome trousers, love how you’ve styled the whole thing. So cool!

    • Karen says:

      They aren’t around that often but do check H&M sometimes and places like that. Also I see loads in thrift/Salvation Army type places if you don’t mind worn.

  4. Derrar says:

    did you do something new with your hair? I don’t know… they look different

    • Karen says:

      They? lol…. I didn’t straighten it like I usually do. This time I just let it air dry with a little conditioner in it.

  5. Polly says:

    Ah I am in love with those wedges!

  6. The Habit says:

    Love the use of volume in your ensemble pairing the oversized vest with the boyfriend jeans – makes for quite the interesting look.


    The Habit

  7. Aidan says:

    You make it look so effortless!! Love it!!


  8. Les Tenues de Yuli says:

    J’aime tout, tu es magnifique
    Il me faut cette veste
    Bisous bisous

  9. Bre says:

    Love this look. Every time I try the socks with heels look it never turns out, but you made it look chic and easy. Love the femininity the diamond bracelet give the look.

  10. brownponytail says:

    its crazy and unfair how cool this looks on you!
    xoxo nadine

  11. Maggie ☮ says:

    I love the sock and heel trend, I never thought I could get into it but I tired it the other day and I loved it! …now if I could only get into it enough to actually step out in them 🙂 lol

  12. Angela DiGiacinto says:

    i am crazy about this outfit! you look amazing!

    xx A

  13. WendyB says:

    I have a white leather Jill Stuart peacoat from the ’90s…I’ll have to take a pic for you. Love white leather!

  14. mapule says:

    Such a girly yet gangsta look! Love.

  15. jac_chambers says:

    Love you blog so much, cant go a day without having a peek at what your up to. Loving the socks and wedges combo so girlie and summery, thanks!

  16. Roseanne says:

    loving this look!

  17. Jennifer says:

    Great outfit! I love your hair!!

  18. Kemisha says:

    Hi Karen,
    any word on when that white leather vest will be in shop at H&M? i know they are gearing up for the Marni x H&M launch, but I wanted to know if it would be in at the same time or after that. I live in LA and checked this past Sunday and it wasn’t in store yet. Just asking in case they give you that kind of info.

    • Karen says:

      Not sure but I think its right now!! Do start checking. I have a feeling its either now or about to come out.