The Details

I love spotting someone in predominantly black whenever it is done this well.  The quilted sleeves, the sheer skirt, the textured jacket collar. As always, it’s the little details that make the look.

I had to ask: Her shoes are by Celine.  At first glance I thought they were vintage.

Add textured leather:  Update your jacket with a quilted one like this.


  1. Semicosmic says:

    Love the details on her shoes, wow! Her outfit is fantastic, so well done.

  2. nikolia says:

    shoes I like, the outfit … cool!

  3. Emma says:

    Fabulous. I totally agree with you – it’s all about texture and subtle detailing with an all black look. people think all black is easy to pull off but it is harder than it looks. I want those shoes too 😉

    em x

  4. Nita Lappalainen says:

    those shoes are amazing! god i want them!

  5. Iubire says:

    Hi I love your blogs…
    you are so cool so you have great sense of fashion…
    see you every day…
    bye from Chile

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