Marni for H&M – Press Night & My Haul

What a night!

Blogger Christine trying on the collection

Free drinks poured from ice sculptures

Drummers greeting shoppers at the entrance

Power shopping in style

Looking chuffed with her scores

Empty shelves.  These were full 10 minutes before

Celebrity stylist June Ambrose going through her pile

The shop entrance was lined with free drinks

Try ons were dotted throughout the shop floor

My Finds:
The platform leather & wood sandals. I grabbed the very last box

The collar in black (and white)

This long line leather jacket (NOT part of Marni collaboration).  A contemporary take on a motor jacket with soft matte leather. I can only imagine how it will be a year from now

If you followed me on twitter last night you know about my trip to the press only shopping event for Marni for H&M.

I was about 20th in the queue outside and at 7pm everyone started rushing in and grabbing.  God help me.  Once inside I stood completely still for about 1 minute while watching women grabbing handfuls of the collection. I was in the calm of the storm.  Time to snap out of it.

I went for the collars I first fell in love with from this post.  Also got the last pair of leather and wood sandals. Jenn and I found a quiet moment to try on a modern motor leather jacket. We both spotted it by ourselves and loved it.  That night was 25% off for non Marni items.

ps. Paula your gift is winging it’s way to you very soon ; )

pps. For those asking about this H&M white leather vest, H&M told me that it hits shops around end of March/early April.


  1. Camilla says:

    I’m so gutted I didn’t get the shoes! I spent 3 hours reloading the page online!
    Great haul though, I especially adore that jacket

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

    • Karen says:

      oh no : (

    • Michelle of Chellbellz says:

      online?? you aren’t in the states or did i miss the memo of being able to order online now?

  2. Chic Geek says:

    So much fun! Love it all!

  3. Angela DiGiacinto says:

    love those collars, i want one so bad but im not brave enough to go fight the crowds 😉

    xx A

  4. Theresa says:

    Heard it was absolutely insane but you scored a couple of nice finds! Definitely one of the coolest collabo’s H&M has done in some time!


    The Habit

  5. Caroline, No. says:

    I was all casual about it thinking I didn’t need anything. Gutted now I’m seeing the haul reports! Those shoes were the one thing I had my eye on. Tsk! Enjoy! x

  6. Kiwi's Fashion Blog says:

    Looks like a fun fun event! Glad you got those loots! Can’t wait to see you wearing them on your blog!

  7. MerelyMarie says:

    That leather jacket looks perfect!

  8. Maggie ☮ says:

    I am seriously dying of envy right now. All I can do is swoon over other blogger’s purchases :/

  9. Julia says:

    Great finds! Do you think that the size of the shoes was normal? I ordered size 40, but I normally have 39. I really hope that they’ll fit anyway.. love them so much!

    Thanks for a great and inspiring blogg

    • Karen says:

      They run TTS to “slightly” small.

  10. Ria says:

    So so so sad I do not have a H&M nearby.

  11. Sasha says:

    Looks like it was insane and good fun! Love the shoes!

  12. Kemisha says:

    Thank you so much for finding out about that leather vest! Always keeping an eye out for your readers; kudos for that.

    • Karen says:

      no problem : )

  13. raplica handbags says:

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  14. Asia says:

    I love those shoes, and they look very comfortable. Are they as comfortable as they look? It is not often that I look at a shoe lately and go oh that looks like foot heaven but something about the structure it just looks like a very comfy shoe!!

  15. Emanuel I. says:

    You had a great party too…
    Check out the Romanian version on my blog!

  16. Cate.B says:


  17. Laura says:

    It looks so great, all the items are beautiful. The shoes with studs that you spotted (or yours?) are really cool too.

    Check out my blog:

    • Karen says:

      not mine. i wish

  18. Borjana says:

    Ohh you grabbed something,I didn’t buy anything:-S The shoes were one of my favorite pieces!

  19. Online Fashion Shop says:

    These pictures are awesome. Your clothing sense is so nice. I love this post. Everything which you have shared is amazing. All things for fashion is nicely selected.

  20. DelbaMé says:

    WOAH! This is awesome! Love the heels and moto jacket.

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