Spring Cleaning

How to go from this many leather jackets to 1 or 2?

Right now I’m spring cleaning.

 Like a lot of you I have way too much stuff.  Too many dresses. Coats.  Shoes.  Bags.  Stuff!!!!!

These are (almost) all the leather jackets.  As you can see, too many are in black.  I LOVE black leather jackets just as much as the next girl,  but it’s time to weed out. To purge.  To clear out.

I have a friend coming around shortly to help decide what goes for sale and what stays.

I dream of the day of having a ‘capsule wardrobe’ of ‘the essentials.’  Don’t you love when mags say that?  Who has that anyway? Do you? Please spill on how you did it.

Ok.  I’m off to pick up the friend….

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