Andrew Mukamal – Special Guest Interview: Part 1

This week I met up with the incredibly talented stylist and good friend Andrew Mukamal to appear as one of his special guests in a two part series on his blog.  This is quite the honour considering some of those in the industry that have sat for interviews on that same incredibly ornate throne.

This is Part 1.   Part 2 is on Monday.

You can subscribe to his youtube channel here.

ps. There’s a Question of The Day at the end. Leave your answer below or on his site. We are both checking as they come in.


  1. ResistMeNot says:

    Thank you!! It was very interesting!

    • AJMukamal says:

      Glad you liked it!!! LOVED having Karen on TL

  2. chris koo says:

    wow! Love it! I’m a fan 🙂
    * subscribes *

    • Seinfeldted says:

      Thanks for watching Today’s Look! Karen was an amazing guest!! Love the intro on this!!

  3. The White List says:

    i’ve gotta say I love your honesty!!! Brilliant video – so endearing!

  4. Helen says:

    Aww I loved this, it’s funny cos even though I know you’re British, I expect you to have a hint of an American accent, but you still sound as English as ever! Your jacket is amazingggg.

    • Seinfeldted says:

      love karen’s jacket!!

  5. Tracey James says:

    Great video, such an inspirational Brit. Didn’t know you were a Tottenham girl (I live in Enfield). I totally got you with the ‘dying inside’. I am glad that you made the right decision and chose fashion and are doing what you love. I only wish I taken such a plunge when I was younger. It makes it a lot more scary when you are 45!

    Keep on doing what you are doing Missy!

  6. Liz says:

    Great interview! Can’t wait for part 2!!
    My best find was a 1960’s mini dress for 25 cents at a church yard sale. Seriously the best print ever! It reminds me of the amazing technicolor dreamcoat 🙂

    • Seinfeldted says:

      church yard sale! genius! I’ve never even looked there! my best find is a san francisco 49ers superbowl tshirt from the 80s

  7. Anonymous says:

    I loved you in this video, but why was he always yelling and talking over you. He has the most annoying voice too! Love your jacket and those Bonny boots from All Saints (btw – wearing mine today)

    • Seinfeldted says:

      his voice sounds normal to me. how should a man’s voice sound?

  8. Emma says:

    Great interview Karen…I love hearing the truth behind the hard work and determination that goes into your blog xxx Fav vintage find to date is a my coach black handbag it’s actually the same as the one you have in red & brown. Looking forward to Monday’s post x

  9. Seinfeldted says:

    i love the intro to this video. karen and andrew are so cute together!!

  10. leesicam says:

    Absolutely love that you’re featured on Today’s Look. I don’t have a favourite vintage find. Haven’t found it yet. I cannot wait for Monday’s episode.

    • Seinfeldted says:

      have you seen Today’s Look before? we love karen!!

  11. Dominiqui says:

    My favorite vintage find? That’s a tough question….. I’m torn between my vintage Hermes silk scarf (only $1.75) and my fuchsia Escada jacket. I’m truly obsessed with vintage blazers, jewelry, and silk scarves.

    Great interview! Definitely looking forward to part two.

    • Seinfeldted says:

      hermes for $1.75!!! not fair!

  12. Marsha says:

    I love your blog! I’ve been following for over a year now and I can’t get enough! Your interview was very inspirational, as I am currently in the same situation you were in with your job.

    For my fave vintage find, I’m torn between two: A gold sequin mini dress I got for $10 at Goodwill and a black leather biker jacket adorned with gold studs.

    • Seinfeldted says:

      love a good biker jacket!! studs sound awesome!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry but I found him so annoying I couldn’t watch the video more than 1 minute… it’s a shame, I would have like to listen to you though..

  14. 8ty4 Vintage says:

    Congrats, Karen! This is MAJOR!

  15. Christina says:

    Hi Karen! I ran across you’re blog one day and to my pleasant surprise I’m super duper hooooked! I really admire your versatile style! It’s impeccable and I’m constantly inspired! Thanks for sharing all you’re styling tips and fashion finds. I always look forward to checkin’ out your blog. Yippie Skippie!
    I’m a newbie at replying but I couldn’t resist to share…..My faaaav vintage find so far is a black cropped palazzo pant with smocking at the waistband that has this batik safari aztec inspired border design at the hem. I found this gem at the Salvation Army for just six buckeroos! I pair it with a slouchy dolman boat neck top and a big chunky woven luggage colored belt. The silhouette is the and I love all the flowy movement it makes as I walk. It makes me feel grand!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Karen, congrats great blog and really fun and inspirational. Guess what? I’m one of those that actually lived in Tottenham and went to Northumberland Park School, but I moved to Italy years ago. Amazing conincidence

    • Seinfeldted says:

      batik safari aztec sounds bad ass!

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