Andrew Mukamal – Special Guest Interview: Part 2

Part 2 as promised.  I’m a day late in showing you but Tuesday is close enough!

This episode is showing some of my fave vintage finds.

Thanks again Andrew for having me and that vintage road trip has to happen.  There’s not NEARLY enough of that kind of fun stuff floating around on the blogosphere!

ps. There is one last question of the day at the end of this video.  Let me know your answer to it please?

K xxx


  1. Iris Eben says:

    Fell for Andrew after watching Kell on Earth. Love him…great spirit and style.

    Karen and Andrew, definitely excited to see a webshow featuring the both of you guys vintage hunting.

    That hook could be for a lot of things, pocket watch, cigar holder or perhaps for diary scrolls…

    Always inspired by your posts Karen!

    • Seinfeldted says:

      we’re pretty serious about this vintage trip with karen and andrew. stay tuned to karen’s blog and today’s look for more! thanks!

    • al 'n andy says:


  2. InspiredbyFrench says:

    Karen, I enjoyed this post so much! I love to hear you talk and I especially love your vintage finds! I have no idea what hat hook was for, your explanation seemed logical to me!

  3. Angela Wipf says:

    ohmygod i want that oscar de la renta dress

    • AJMukamal says:

      ME TOO! It’s totally GENIUS!

  4. Angela Wipf says:

    ohmygod i want that oscar de la renta dress…and i love your voice karen

    • Seinfeldted says:

      she has a great accent!

  5. Lady Bug says:

    I could listen to you two bleat on about fashion forever :o)

    I reckon you hit the nail on the head with the loop explanation. There couldn’t be another use for it… Although, as it’s vintage, I can’t imagine a lady who could afford such and extravagant piece would be walking around inthe wind much.

    • Seinfeldted says:

      stay tuned for that vintage trip! can’t wait!

  6. leesicam says:

    Totally loved this episode & post as well. Have either of you ever read the book “Fabulous Nobodies”? It about a girl who is in love with her clothes. As for the hook in the cape, maybe a place to hang an ornate cane stick or umbrella?

  7. Seinfeldted says:

    i’ll have to check that book out

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