Snake Print

ombre jeans

white creepers
H&M white ombre shorts and creepers
creepers and denim shorts
ray ban sunglasses and denim shorts
white denim shorts and creepers
white denim shorts

Shorts/Snakeskin cover/Creepers: H&M (they have two toned creepers in right now) similars online.   Hat: Trash & Vaudeville (this would’ve worked too).  Necklace: House of Harlow (found mine at a local shop). Shades: Ray Ban.  Bag: Thrift/DIY studded

You can tell it’s a bank holiday since the internet is dead (for the US that is).  Tweets/emails have slowed and the streets are half empty since everyone’s done the mass pilgrimage to anywhere outside of the city.  It’s precisely why I love staying local:  it’s quiet.

Next time I escape the city for a couple of days, it’ll be during the week!

I found this snake skin print cover at H&M.  The print and light weight fabric got me.  It was in the underwear section which goes to show, check everywhere when looking around.  It’ll be a good layering piece over a bikini on the beach.

I wore everything with creepers to give a chunky look but being they are ivory, it keeps them summery.  It’s rare finding white ones with light coloured soles.  Remember this post on them last November??  I was sold.  They’re switch ups from the black.

ps.  The ombre shorts come in a white/reddish colour combo too – a nice update from the usual denim shorts.

pps. Surplus pics on Facebook.

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