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Patrick Demarchelier and Lori Goldstein
Patrick Demarchelier and Lori Goldstein
Patrick Demarchelier and Lori Goldstein

Every now and then you see an editorial that literally stops you.  
I have been absolutely obsessed since seeing this one…

Patrick Demarchelier and Lori Goldstein for Vogue Japan
Patrick Demarchelier and Loria Goldstein for Vogue Japan

Vogue Japan May 2012.  
Stylist: Lori Goldstein.  Photographer:  Patrick Demarchelier

The textures.  The prickly accessories.  Good God.   This really inspires me.

Fashion really is about having fun, playing with clothes and hopefully learning more about yourself too along the way.    


  1. Marian says:

    Wow, I totally agree, amazing photos, great colours, textures and great location.


  2. leesicam says:

    I love the colours!

  3. leesicam says:

    I love the colours! Makes me wish I was taking a beach vacation this summer.

  4. Carol says:

    Stunning dress!!!!!
    I’m posting from Los Angeles, take a look on the windows of Rodeo Drive and our pictures in Palmdale!!

    • Karen says:

      makes me want to get a wig like it

  5. Style Hostess says:

    oh gosh…reminds me of Agyness Deyn. one of my favourite super. ever! ♥
    yep. the styling is just spot on and so sophisticated. short cut hair, beach bronze make-up and a lovely setting to top it off. such a great editorial =0


    Style Hostess

  6. The Melting Pot says:

    I feel the same. What a gorgeous shoot.

  7. style-xyz says:

    this editorial is just gorgeous!
    love the styling!

  8. Stella says:

    amazing photos!wonderful finds as allways!

  9. Laura. says:

    Amazing. love her lip colour!

    • Karen says:


  10. Nadette says:

    Wow! The prickly shoes = lust!

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