The Bright Accessory

Doc Martens boots

Sarah is wearing shorts by Topshop and Doc Marten boots.  Her black sleeveless shirt is by Janes Closet on Grande & Metropolitan.

I didn’t ask about her denim shirt but saw some good ones here.  I bought two myself (thrifted) the same day this picture was taken.

ps. How cute do her purple headphones look with all black?  Urban Outfitters carry a bunch of colourful retro style ones.


  1. couturing says:

    I’m getting sick of the whole “pop of color” phrase but those really do pop out at you. She looks great.

  2. Fore Accessory says:

    Such a lovely dress and such epic pictures! Simply beautiful

  3. Luxury Sky says:

    Love it all from head to toe!

  4. Eco Vogue says:

    Nice picture!Looks really fantasy!I love it

  5. Fashion Sharing says:

    such a fresh and stylish look! and i am in love with you!

  6. Fashion Business says:

    The stripe shirt is always my favourite!

  7. Rini says:

    still love Doc’s. I wore my first pair with 14 and now, 12 years later I still have some

  8. fashioninfor says:

    I love short suits! They are one of my favorite things to wear to work! Cute pumps too!!

  9. Fashion Hour says:

    Love this, and I just idolize your style and character!

  10. Fashion Factory says:

    such a fresh and stylish look! and i am in love with your hair!

  11. Fashion Territory says:

    That looks like a wonderful time! I love the outfit!

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