Dree Hemingway x Mania Mania

dree hemingway and mania mania
mania mania

Major swoon factor over this photography and incredible jewelry.    Makes me want to cover every finger in brass and stone relics…..

Read on for more inspiration and where to find the same pieces Dree is wearing and similar…

dree hemingway

Astral Planes
Dree Hemingway and Mania Mania
Mania Mania
Mania Mania

Mania Mania

Isn’t this look book shoot stunning?  Think. Tribal.  Egyptian.  Mystical.  Ancient looking relics.  

Australian designers  Mania Mania are one of the best at making any customer want just one more piece…  Their Immortals Ring still gets compliments every time I wear it (seen above on Dree in different colors throughout). 

Team any of the below with your  smaller jewelry pieces:


  1. Fashion Region says:

    Looks like a great time! I like your suit, it looks like it could be new!

  2. Kat says:

    Is she covered in black paint or is she actually wear a sheer top? Either way, I love the way they accented her with florals and accessories.


  3. Maria Elba says:

    Wow! Absolutely beautiful and inspiring. Unreal!

  4. Fashion Circle says:

    You always have such lovely photos 🙂

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