Mens Sandals

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if I was a guy I would be all over these…. Similars here and here (on sale).


  1. Josh Rowell says:

    They are great! I love his shorts too.

  2. Eat.Style.Play says:

    i’d totally wear those on my own!

  3. jessbuurman says:

    Very nice match clothing in blog, I love it, Thanks!

  4. StreetLounge says:

    The red-Converse guy is more like me 🙂

  5. childrens snow boots says:

    Unless you have the money to buy a number of pairs of sandals in many colors, you don’t want to buy for example, a pair of yellow sandals, only to discover that they don’t match anything in your closet.

  6. Patricija Takison says:

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