SHOP FIX: 10FT Single by Stella Dallas

vintage shopping

Letting you in on one of my fave vintage spots…

Clothes hang from the ceiling

vintage boots

Sequin tops above (top left) plus a row of combat boots below and tons of dresses underneath.  (the sequin tops get rotated to floor level or are easily pulled for you)

vintage clothes in new york

They also have a TON of vintage leather bags….

Stella Dallas

Lace up granny boots

Stella Dallas

There is a large mens section which I check out as well – especially the shoes and boots


The perfect blanket and the perfect coat jacket for winter


These vintage boots remind me of my All Saints you saw before here no?



Always had a soft spot for patch work skirts…



A fraction of the women’s boots section….



10ft Single by Stella Dallas
285 N 6th Street
Brooklyn NY 11211

I get asked a lot to spill on the shops I frequent.  Here is one of them.

It’s off the beaten track in Williamsburg Brooklyn.  Love that fact alone.  It’s wall to wall (and ceiling) vintage everything: bags, dresses, boots, shoes, hats, rock band t-shirts… You name it.

It’s never crowded, unlike the popular Beacons Closet which I still like (these sunglasses are from there) but it’s heavily trafficked.   Stella is way more peaceful so you can really have a good rummage.

ps. This stylish assistant works there too who’s hair I still crush hard over.

Let me know if any of you lot visit….?

note. This post was not sponsored by the shop owner. 


  1. gina says:

    Rad spot!

  2. Amanda says:

    The pictures just got better and better – I’ll definitely be popping in when I visit for my 30th birthday.

    Ta for the heads up!

  3. E. says:

    Oh my goodness – I’ll have to stop in here next time I’m in the city. I see sequins in some of the pictures…

  4. tomoko says:

    thank you for coming our store 🙂 i couldn’t say hello to you though ..
    i always read your blog 🙂 !! i love it !!!!
    thank you 🙂 !!!!


  5. Sivan Eshel says:

    This would be Heaven for me. Going to NY in August, cannot wait to make this life changing excursion to this store! THANK A TON!!!

  6. Jesus-in-the-city says:

    This place is the best and really not too crazy expensive either. I got some great flannel shirts there that I still wear. Unfortunately,I have a one year old now and can’t get my head around trying to fit a stroller into one of their tiny fitting rooms, but one day when I can break away I dream of returning there!

  7. Melissa says:

    I love your blog. No, I truly love your blog. Ok, let me be honest. I like your blog but I LOVE your shop visits. You come across as very likable, you have cute clothes and you’ve become a strong photographer since starting your blog. That I admire, but what I love most about your blog is the “shop visits” you make.

    I’m a vintage collector and dealer and never have I really wanted to visit NYC (I’m more a left coast girl) but when I see your shop updates I really truly consider comprising a list of your places just to visit NYC. I don’t see anything like this on other blogs and I often wonder why you didn’t dedicate a blog to this alone. Seeing these shops through your lens is nice.

    Carry on…and much continued success to you.

  8. Cynthia Burgess says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Cynthia Burgess says:


    I will be visiting New York on Friday. It’s been 23 years since I’ve been in my old home. I’ll be staying in Brooklyn (Park Slope) and plan on visiting this shop. Do you have any other shops to visit? I have two weeks to gather as many wonderous trinkets possible!
    Thank you!!

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